US CDC to mail out 300 Million Cards for 4 Vaccinations for Covid-19

They said the Vaccine would work. They claim it would work. They claim it does work. But the U.S. Center for Disease Control is mailing out cards to every American which clearly show space to record not one, but FOUR doses of the Vaccine separated in time one after the other.

Click this tweet by one of Trump’s lawyers, for more information:

When will it end?

Seeing that it has now been revealed that the Vaccine will cause a protein spike which prevents the reformation of the placenta in women, thus casing STERILITY, it appears that the COVID-19 Vaccine is really a CONTRACEPTIVE device.

Now we understand why Bill Gates said the Vaccine will reduce world population by 15%!

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One thought on “US CDC to mail out 300 Million Cards for 4 Vaccinations for Covid-19”

  1. Pray, and pray hard, for the strength to resist this Mark of the Beast. It won’t be easy and the pressure from friends and loved ones will be intense to submit. However, submission means eternal death. Deus Vult.

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