Pfizer Vaccine kills 2 during trials

The death rate from the Vaccine seems higher that that of the virus.

At this rate it will kill 100,000 if administered to 1 billion.

You have a 0.01% chance of death if you take it.

But if you are a human being without co-morbidities, Covid 19 is not lethal.

Worse than this, is that 2 died during trials. But that means, since mRNA vaccines can have adverse affects during the first 5 years after taking them, and the trials were only several months long, the actual morbidity from this vaccine might exceed the real morbidity (for the total population) of whatever is claimed to be covid, which is 0.05%.


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One thought on “Pfizer Vaccine kills 2 during trials”

  1. Giving the vaccine to the elderly will disguise any deaths caused as deaths in these age groups are “normal”.

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