YouTube suspends LifeSite News Channel for 2 weeks!

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5 thoughts on “YouTube suspends LifeSite News Channel for 2 weeks!”

  1. perhaps it is time for 70+ million people to stop…cease…desist any/all use of YouTube (& maybe FB & Twitts) … just sayin’

    1. Good motivation, but until we pull all investments from globalist companies and create our own fb, twitter and yt, we would Simply surrender in the info war

  2. What are the current substitutes for Google, FB, Twitter or YouTube?

    I already use DuckDuckGo versus Google search.
    I am doing away with my Gmail account using Proton mail.
    I am starting to learn Parker capabilities.
    I do not use Twitter at all and avoid forwarded links.
    Have not found a substitute for YouTube yet, any suggestions.

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