One thought on “American Medical Association: Corona virus are common colds, not plagues”

  1. From John Weigel Ireland 10th December 2020 Long before Arnold Schwarzenegger uttered the memorable threat “I’ll be back”, Australian actor Rod Taylor used the same phrase in the film The Time Machine as he began to clamber down an air shaft to discover who or what was controlling the people of the future on the surface. The film, The Time Machine, was adapted from H. G. Wells’ book of the same title which was published in 1895. It took 65 years to make it to the cinema screen as science fiction. It is relevant that Wells was a member of the famous early think tank, the Fabian Society, which founded the London School of Economics and informed the policies of the British Labour Party. The symbol used by the Fabian Society is the turtle which represents the society’s goal of establishing socialism through the policy of “gradualism”. The society found its way to Chicago through the work of Jane Adams at Hull House and has branches in Australia. The society is now promoting Artificial Intelligence. ( In the film humanity is controlled by a group of grotesque beings who live in the shadows called Morlochs. People above ground were culled and called to their demise through the use of frequencies, turned to zombie-like creatures when the frequency was turned on. The Morlochs remained in the darkness because they could not tolerate the light of day. Fast forward 125 years from first publication and what was regarded as science fiction looms on the near horizon with Bill Gates fronting the global race for a vaccine to combat Covid-19 containing electromagnetic adjuvants in tandem with the deployment of 5G. Gates can be forgiven because he was raised by his father who was an influential member of Planned Parenthood (infanticide) as well as the founder of the Technology Alliance. However, Gates is the public face of a much broader group of associates, employees and investors. These are the modern day Morlochs. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are unelected groups such as the Fabian Society, World Health Organization, The United Nations and the World Economic Forum that are all parroting the same script articulated by Gates. First we need wireless communication, then we need vaccines. Then we need tracking of vaccines and of individuals who have/have not taken the vaccine – and it’s all voluntary. Indeed, the public has been excluded from discussion about the health implications….

    Bill ‘Morloch’ Gates The Time Machine raises the issue of predictive programming and predates the issues addressed by Celeste Solum in her interview premiered 22nd November 2020 Former FEMA operative Celeste Solum talks with David Icke ‘The Covid tests are magnetically tagging. It is ironic that the public pays to be programmed by buying tickets to films and injured by subscribing to cell phone services. “All we can do,” says Celeste Solum, “is share the truth.” “Don’t stand there like fatted cattle,” shouted the inventor in The Time Machine to the people being called to their doom, “Will you answer me?” His call was met by silence.


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