You Tube Strikes “Stop Feeding the Beast” And Bugnolo strikes back!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the first live videos I did on my new YouTube Channel, after YouTube threatened me with a ban from my first channel, for the crime of praying in public, was the video entitled: Stop Feeding the Beast.

The video was somewhat popular with a few thousand hits. the basic message of this video was, that the more you submit to the Scamdemic controls to to political correctness, the more power you give those creating the controls.

So, YouTube burst a political correctness gasket at 9:10 PM San Francisco time and took down the video. They threatened me with a ban on Youtube if I dare say any more truth. This probably took place because I used their live streaming app for the first time on this channel, about 30 minutes before. This means that I am being watched by some department in San Francisco o Bejing.

Wait till they get to my Truth video! which got 24,000 hits!

I did an Italian version of this too:


YouTube is evidently hunting my videos. They took down, Don’t feed the Beast because it contained VERY APPROPRIATE AND NECESSARY TRUTH, not because it had many views. And they took it down because it was my first upload on my new channel since their strike against me on my old channel.

Here is their letter of threat, to me:

My Response: Br. Bugnolo will strike back!

For this reason, I have decided to leave YouTube’s Concentration camp.

A lot of Catholics want a platform where they can publish the truth. I do too. The advantage we have is that we can do this on our own.

And I personally can do something about it, IF Catholics back me.

Because I head a US Corporation which has the legal authority to sell stock an set up a Media Company to do this. (

If you are an interested prospective investor, leave a private comment below. We need to raise at least $50,000 in capital because the through-put in video platforms is tremendous, but we will have to raise millions to make it viable. We can do this together, if we all work at networking Catholics to act. Ordo Militaris Inc. can put up $10,000. How can you help?

I said this before, in my video:

which I also did in Italian:

PLEASE NOTE: That you cannot send me or Ordo Militaris Inc. money about this, electronically, since that company, for the crime of raising money for the Catholics killed in the Beirut Blast was deplatformed by Stripe in October. It was already deplatformed by PayPal for now reason at all back in June.

So you will have to do this by bank wire or check, and for that reason you need to contact me personally (at +1 406 299 9260, not by email or comment, because it simply is not secure. Leave a message at that number, which is a free call from anywhere in the world if you use Skype).

Till then, I am not going to waste any more of my time with YouTube. This means I will not do any more live transmissions or uploads to that platform or to any other such as Periscope (Owned by Twitter), or Twitch (Owned by Amazon). I am already banned from Facebook (for the crime of uploading an Italian Flag). The other platforms do not allow live upload or live feeds, as far as I know.

For it is simply ridiculous to have to be insulted and slapped on a monthly basis by a social media company. This is abusive behavior. And I will not tolerate being abused by anyone!

I know a lot of you will be displeased by my decision, but in all seriousness and maturity, I think we Catholics need to move on and go independent from the Social Media Giants, or we are simply FEEDING THE BEAST.

And as a Crusader, I do not feed beasts, I would rather slay them.

And I definitely do not want to waste my time feeding beasts.


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15 thoughts on “You Tube Strikes “Stop Feeding the Beast” And Bugnolo strikes back!”

  1. If you’re drawing extra attention to your “Truth” video, I hope you have it backed up somewhere. It’d be a shame to lose that one.

    1. Youtube wont even allow me to download my own videos. Bitchute and wont let me copy them, though they let everyone else copy theirs. YouTube has stolen my intellectual property rights.

  2. How is it that the mainstream social media platforms can wriggle out of being held legally liable for say allowing injurious and defamatory content to be posted on their platforms and for failing to remove injurious and defamatory content from their platforms, arguing that they only provide a platform (a bit like a notice board) as opposed to being a publishing house and therefore are unable to edit out content posted on their platforms yet when it comes to issues related to the pandemic they behave exactly like an editor of a publishing house, editing out content all over the place, restricting freedom of speech, taking sides, hosting biased, unbalanced, skewed, one sided, propaganda content? A good tort lawyer could have fun with that. Perhaps you should try contacting Dr. Reiner Fuellmich……think he said something about challenging YouTube for removing his ‘Crimes against Humanity’ video. Your daily live streamed thoughts for the day and ‘food for the soul’ meditations will be missed.


  3. How about setting up a Go Fund Me page or similar with the aim of reaching the initial target of €50,000? You’ve around 1300 subscribers to your From Rome online site and over 3000 to your From Rome Info Video site. If 1000 of those subscribers donated €50 each then you’ll have raised €50,000…..between your various channels you’ve around 5000 subscribers (though some may be subscribed to more than one of your channels). However if those 5000 subscribers were each to donate even €10 then you would reach your initial €50,000 target. And then work from there on raising the next big tranche of funding. It might help if you explained more fully what the initial €50,000 is for. And what do you mean by ‘through-put’? ‘We need to raise at least $50,000 in capital because the through-put in video platforms is tremendous, but we will have to raise millions to make it viable. We can do this together, if we all work at networking Catholics to act. Ordo Militaris Inc. can put up $10,000. How can you help?’ Another suggestion is perhaps to charge an annual subscription/membership fee or suggested donation to your channels or offer coop or private shares in a coop or company. Also you’ve probably explained this already but why did PayPal and Stripes strike you off? It just seems very strange that they would do that without good reason. It seems discriminatory and more besides. How about setting up an online shop to raise funds? (Besides your books) For example you could perhaps sell a load of 100% organic fair trade cotton T-shirts with disobedient logos on them such as ‘Take that diaper/snot rag off your face!’ ‘World Smiles and Hugs Day!’, ‘What’s Laughing?!’ ‘Save the Humans‘, ‘Save Humanity’, ‘Conquering Covidism and The Covidites’. I can see yourself and your faithful subscribers coming up with some truly great practical suggestions and ideas.

    1. GoFundMe is globalist org which does not work with non profits, and as a Frsnciscan i cannot raise money personally. As for pp and stripe, the struck O M because they are masonic and we are not.

    1. This is what they say, but it is not as they say. Registered Charities have to regularly threaten GoFund me with a lawsuit to get the money raised, because GoFund me retains that all moneies raised can be apportioned to any group they consider more appropriate. Thus during a fund raiser for group X GoFundMe can claim that X is racist and send the money instead to Y without permission of the Charity or the donors.

      GoFundMe is criminal. They also hold the money for 3 to six months without disbursing it and then make the disbursement very difficult.

  4. Look on the bright side….there’s potentially an opportunity for one of your non profits to in addition to setting up an independent Radio and TV channel to also set up an independent not for profit fund raising platform!


    1. I do not have a non profit. I am president in the USA of a NGO, which is organized as a for profit, but is run as a non profit in that it makes no profit. But one hermit cannot do everything. Indeed, because I have no money myself, I cannot do anything without all of you.

      I run this electronic newspaper., to keep you informed, and to pay my bills, and it does barely do that and nothing more. I am still in debt, personally, 12,000 USD for my expenses in 2019-2020 here at Rome in lobbying for Pope Benedict. I asked for help, but got none, but Our Lady gave the creditor the grace to forgive the debt. That is why I am much more confident in serving Our Lady! than even undertaking an apostolate. I am not very effective in the apostolate. I have converted no one and convinced no one to do anything good.

  5. You’re perhaps being a bit harsh on yourself re: ‘I have converted no one and convinced no one to do anything good.’ However, I kind of know the feeling having spent years trying to waken people up to the hazards associated with mega, ticking, seriously toxic, unstable, lithium ion, ‘non-diffusible’ mobile and stationary battery bombs, installed and proposed to be installed all over the world, for example in electric vehicles, at 5G telecommunications towers, as Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS’s). Many of the BESS’s are proposed to be installed on or adjacent to other hazardous developments. I’ve tried everything…planning permission appeals, contacting government departments and Ministers, contacting Chief Fire Officers etc. The most success I’ve had is that the Department of Energy in Ireland finally accepted that these BESS’s are a high fire risk but sadly that’s about it. They’ve been receiving the good olde rubber stamp treatment all over the place. The current series of Star Trek explores the mysteries of ‘The Great Burn’ that wiped out most of life on planet earth a thousand years prior. Coincidence or are the writers of Star Trek trying to alert us to potential dangers in today’s world?! Here’s hot off the press news about the first 100MW BESS to go operational in the New Year in Ireland and with over 4000MW’s approved on the island of Ireland. And here’s some in New York…..installing them is criminal especially close to or in highly populated areas.

  6. Enlightenment “Liberty” has come home to roost. I will be very surprised if we are not very close to a time when we will be happy to attend Mass above ground at all (faithful sermons will likely not be tolerated, YouTube deplatforming shows) and not compelled to restrict the number of children we will be “allowed” to have (but not educate, YouTube deplatforming shows again the State considers itself the only Parent. Biological parents are becoming mere babysitters). It may be that soon enough, if we are faithful, we will be declared “hateful enemies of the human race” as early Catholics were and hunted and punished (Mt. 24, Mk. 13, Lk. 21). The groundwork is laid.

    Catholic media personalities and “Shows” cannot last long. That time is very rapidly passing. I think it must become person to person again.

    1. Totally agree. Here at FromRome.Info we see it happening, with more sites blocking our links and financial support falling. Pretty soon we too will be offline.

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