The Coming Dark Age

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The New World Order decided at the end of November that they were losing the war against the truth, so they engaged the British Anti-Terrorist Cyberwarfare unit to begin hunting citizens who spoke the truth.

Since then 10s of thousands of social media accounts of citizens everywhere in and outside the United Kingdom have been shut down, censored, struck, losing some or part of their intellectual property and content, often without explanation or reason.

As you already know, I was one of their first targets, when they struck my YouTube Channel, From Rome Info Video. I opened another channel and 3 weeks later they struck that.

I just published the story of how they even struck a channel which simply reported the news from NWO sources!

The channel I often am interviewed on, Ordo Militaris Radio TV was struck last week on YouTube, and has now been struck on Bitchute.

I tried to open a BitChute account and Bitchute refused to copy my videos from YouTube. A thing they do regularly for every one else.

I tried to open a channel on and they refused me, though they allow everyone else.

This growing attack on their own users means that Social Meida Companies are actually preferring to destroy their own reputation rather than allow individual citizens to repeat what NWO organizations say. Not only content, but thought itself is the enemy.

As weeks go on, and their war against truth continues and grows, we shall see a New Dark Age. Pretty soon they will have to start banning everyone.

I think what all Social Media producers need to do, is organize. Set a date, say in 30 days from now, on which everyone in the world uploads to every social media platform a video or content which is against the NWO.  A day of open revolt. To bust the Social Media Companies completely.

We must war against this dark age, or pretty so we will have no social media to use to speak at all. And that is their goal. They want us to watch propaganda like mindless robots 24/7.

If the executives of these companies think they will escape justice, once this scamdemic is over, they are dreaming.

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5 thoughts on “The Coming Dark Age”

  1. I predict a massive “Cyber Attack” that pulls down the whole internet. When it re-emerges, all voices of dissent against the globalist agenda will be gone – only acceptable Group Think will be allowed. All in preparation for One World Governement/Religion, and the Reign of the Antichrist.

  2. Your previous blog post: “Banned on YouTube” … he was able to upload his banned videos to rumble. Maybe something to consider.

    1. I have a colleague experimenting with Rumble, but since Rumble is in Canada, some of the things I say are already illegal there. Also, Rumble does not allow live transmissions. — I think it is time for others to do videos and for me to do more things in the real world and let others put them on video. My channels were not that popular. FromRome.Info is read by 100 times more persons on a daily basis.

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