PCR test developed to detect the WRONG virus!


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One thought on “PCR test developed to detect the WRONG virus!”

  1. Wrong virus or wrong strain of corona virus?! Let‘s say the test was developed to detect a different strain of coronavirus……Is it a bit like looking for a rare heirloom potato variety however the test is incapable of differentiating between different varieties of potatoes along with other members of the nightshade family including aubergines, chillies, peppers and thousands of varieties of tomatoes? And is it the case that even if the test did detect that rare heirloom potato variety that it would be unable to detect whether the potato was viable and capable of producing more potatoes or simply a dead rotten fragment? And is it the case that the test used unscientifically at around 40-45 cycles as cited as being recommended by WHO would be akin to accepting a positive test for a bowl of ratatouille with a portion of (non heirloom) patatas bravas on the side?!


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