Pfizer CEO refuses the Pfizer Vaccine

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2 thoughts on “Pfizer CEO refuses the Pfizer Vaccine”

  1. Jesus Christ didn’t think twice to cut the line over at the Jordan River to get baptized by John the Baptist. But these globalist murderers who think they’re God wouldn’t dare be first to take their own poison. They know exactly what they’re doing and giving to people.

  2. His inactions and actions speak louder than words! Inaction: Out of a supply of possibly hundreds of millions of doses to the USA they’re unable to spare just a couple of doses worth a few $’s for the Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla! Hardly gives one confidence in the product if the CEO is unwilling to test drive it first! And even if he did finally resort to doing some sort of a publicity stunt in an effort to garner confidence in their product how does one know whether he got the real thing or some dummy/placebo vaccine?! Action: ‘The executive sold more than $5.5 million worth of Pfizer stock……the same day the drugmaker said its experimental COVID-19 shot was more than 90 percent effective, records show.’ ‘….the sale had been arranged in advance under a so-called Rule 10b5-1 trading plan, which allows corporate executives to make predetermined stock transactions in compliance with insider trading laws.’


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