Post Modern Peasantry

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Since “the Enlightenment”, the climax of Catholic Civilization in Europe, was poo pooed as the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, Medieval. Oh, how medieval!

In this prejudiced characterization, faith was held to be superstition and heresy wisdom. Trust in your Christian superior held to be stupidity, and the dedication to the simple things of life for the common good was held to be servility and bondage.

For the Enlightenment and post enlightenment, the problems of the society which had to be destroyed was summed up in their criticism of the medieval peasant, as a dirty, unkempt, immoral idiot who was content to live in slavery to the educated overclass of inbred families which held riches in such abundance that they owned the nation personally.

But, like all false narratives put forth by the hypocritical haters of the humanity which loves Jesus Christ, some event transpires to show them up for what they are.

Thus we have the Scamdemic.

So after 300 years of propaganda against the medieval peasant, as something which must be overcome and something which the modern man replaces as an educated, free, individual, who can make his own decisions, own property and partake of a democratic society, not ruled in the name of God or King, we have a new model of the masked, terrorized, propaganda narrative believing superstitious robot who does only what he is told and believes that anyone who exposes the dangers of the Vaccine or the fraud of the pandemic is a terrorist!

This is the post modern peasant.

He does not think.

His education affects nothing of his mental processes.

He believes the common cold is worse than any plague in history.

He holds that the virus come out at night and that his leaders know infallibly at what hours it prowls and goes back to its lair.

He holds that the Medical Mask is an all powerful talisman which wards off any infection and that you must wear it in ritual places like government offices and public bathrooms, but that magically, if you sit down to eat or smoke a cigarette you get the same talismanic protection.

He holds that it is better to destroy the national economies of each nation than catch a sniffle. And that no matter how many persons die of starvation, its better than a few dying of the flu.

He accepts without question that no one dies any more of any disease but only of Covid-19.

He believes that the leaders who tell him these things love humanity more than Jesus Christ and that it is a blasphemy to say anything in criticism of them.

He accepts that the police treat him as a the Gestapo did the Jews on their way to Auschwitz and calls this necessary for the health of everyone.

He prefers like an Albigensian heretic to commit suicide than attend a protest.

And during all of this he endures either being prevented from all religious customs or changing the rubrics of them all to accommodate the new religion of his leader: the All UnHoly Virus, against which one must confess the Scamdemic as the unquestioned Truth and accept the Baptism of the Vaccine as a sign of salvation.

Cardinals, Bishops and Clergy who once professed Jesus Christ, now worship the sacred poverty of the Virus and have begun to seal their apostasy by taking a Vaccine made of slaughtered baby parts in the ritualistic hope that somehow health will be preserved by using something from healthy murdered children.

This is the modern peasant and his religion.

And if you still think the Christian Height of Civilization was the Dark Ages, you probably now think paradise has just broken out on earth. And you are awaiting the Advent of the saving Vaccine!

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3 thoughts on “Post Modern Peasantry”

    1. Yes.
      The great Age of Faith (in almighty God)? Most folks, if they ever knew anything about Christian European history from the late Roman Empire to the Italian Renaissance, see it only in the rear view mirror, fast fading, now forgotten as if a dream. This year, instead of heralding Christ our Savior, coming from heaven to earth to conquer sin and death, the hoi polloi herald solemnly instead the advent of a “magic bullet,” New World conqueror of disease and decease. .

      Still, you don’t have to be a pious Christian to sound the alarm. A brave group called America’s Frontline Doctors have exposed many safety concerns regarding the mRNA vaccines with “brand new technology” from which “unexpected things must be expected,” that there are no “independently published animal studies” on the vaccines, that there are “known complications” that are being minimized, that there are “unknown complications” regarding how the vaccines will affect an “enormous percentage of the population,” that the creators of the vaccines are “immune from all liability,” and finally, that the high rate of recovery of those who contract COVID-19 does not justify taking an experimental vaccine with unknown complications.”

  1. Excellent article. Aside from the Covid-19 application of the principles brought forward, these same can be compared to all the anti-monarchical, democratic revolutions in modern history. If, as Pope Leo Xlll points out in his encyclical, Libertas, the greatest liberty would be enjoyed by those under the Pope and a Catholic monarch, then a companion to liberty would be contentment. Contentment in the aspect that when a person has a calling to a particular vocation, in the fulfilling thereof is found contentment. However, this contentment is attacked by those who are discontented with the rulership of God over them in the religious and civil realm. So what these radicals promise is never produced; “So I returned, and considered all the oppressions that are under the sun: and behold the tears of such as were oppressed, and they had no comforter; and on the side of their oppressors there was power; but they had no comforter.” (Eccles.4:1) Their end is only discontentment accompanied with more embedded slavery for, “Promising them liberty, they themselves are the slaves of corruption” ( 2 Pet. 2:19).
    I asked one Protestant minister from Uganda what was the difference he saw in the American black man versus the Ugandan and he replied, “Bitterness”. Bitterness, I say, fueled by covetousness through discontentment fueled by the rhetoric of “agents of provocation” funded by tyrants seeking the overthrow of God’s order.
    Thank you, Br. Bugnolo, for these thoughts and they are a springboard for the continued study of the essence of liberty. Expanded thoughts along this line would be appreciated, if not some bibliography also.

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