The Great Apostasy has begun

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I said in the spring that the closing of the Churches was the Great Apostasy foretold by St. John the Evangelists, and many criticized me.

I considered this description apt because all the Clergy — that is, about 99.999% had closed their churches, believed in the Scamdemic and only about 5% in private would even make clear that they had problems of conscience with it.

But the Great Apostasy can be considered in another way, from the point of view of its depths.

Not only because it includes most of the Laity: polls show that 66 to 83% will take the Vaccine and think that the mask is a reasonable rquirement to a real threat.

But we are also in the Great Apostasy on account of what is implied by all of the above, namely an apostasy or complete rejection of, the implications of:

  1. Christians Faith: God our Creator is good and has given us health.
  2. Right reason: By which every discrepancy can be used to reveal the liar in his lies, like the fact you have to wear a mask going to the bathroom in a restaurant and not at the table.
  3. Science: The fact that corona viruses are not lethal and never have been considered plagues until know, the fact that PCR tests cannot text for SARSCOV-19 since they were developed for another virus, and that social distancing is a high school science project hypothesis  never tested by anyone anywhere.
  4. Medicine: That there are known cures for corona infections which cause 99% surviveability rates and thus there is no reason for any sanitary controls on the population.
  5. Civil Rights: That your liberty is presumed but the authority of the state is limited and must be proven and defined, according to the text of constitutions and laws,.
  6. Common Sense: that no one is dying in numbers enough to justify the destruction of national economies and mass suicides and bankruptcies.

In accepting the Scamdemic there has been a mass apostasy from all 6 of these things. And nearly 99% of everyone has apostatized in one or more of them.

And for this reason, I think it can no longer be denied that we are in the Great Apostasy foretold by the Apostle.

Not to mention that the great red dragon of the Apocalypse is the traditional symbol of China, which is playing a central role in this entire psyop.


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10 thoughts on “The Great Apostasy has begun”

  1. And the choirs of heaven respond with a resounding “AAAAMEEENN” – piercing all through heaven, hell, and purgatory.

  2. As bad as the Great Apostasy will be, it won’t hold a candle to The Great Tribulation/Reign of the Antichrist. In other words, gird your Spiritual Loins, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  3. Fearfully true. On the other hand, all the excruciatingly milquetoast, wet LARPERs are showing their true colours. For many it must have been a lifestyle rather than a calling – cover for SJW concerns wrapped in a genteel “caring” mantle concealing a conflicted sexuality. Being forced to spend hours on the road to partake of the sacraments becomes even more of a privilege! BRING IT ON!! I have to say though, that the sight of old “Lionheart” ++San Francisco in a mask remains seared in my memory.

  4. Yes.
    As Brother Bugnolo wrote on December 17th, “So after 300 years of propaganda against the medieval peasant, as something which must be overcome and something which the modern man replaces as an educated, free, individual, who can make his own decisions, own property and partake of a democratic society, not ruled in the name of God or King, we have a new model of the masked, terrorized, propaganda narrative believing, superstitious robot who does only what he is told and believes that anyone who exposes the dangers of the Vaccine or the fraud of the pandemic is a terrorist!”
    Our Lady of La Sallette with tears predicted this “time of times,” when
    .”the Church will be eclipsed, the world will be in consternation.” But she promises that there will be new prophets like Elijah “filled with the Spirit of God; they will preach with the strength of God, and men of good will will believe in God, and many souls will be consoled; they will make great progress by the virtue of the Holy Spirit and will condemn the devilish errors of the ANTICHRIST.”
    Let us think of the very great faith of those who bravely stood up in witness to Christ in arenas and circuses during the great persecutions (known to pagan Romans as “games”) under emperors Nero, Vespasian, Domitian, Maximian, Decius, Trajan, Diocletian. Even Peter was so scared that he tried to run away, until he met Our Lord on the Via Appia. “Quo vadis, Domine?” “Ego vado ad Romam crucifigi iterum.”
    To choose to live a lie is simply not worth it, as the saints and martyrs, if we would hear them, would tell us.

  5. I would have entirely agreed with you in March were not alone ..some can see it .. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI is the antidote – Papal Protection from Apostasy ….
    The third secret revealed …

  6. Continue to have faith. Do not give up hope. Pray the rosary every day. Just imagine if 74 million people prayed just one Our Father, one Hail Mary and one Glory Be a day and just talked to God for one minute or more each day. I once read, I do not remember where, that when you pray to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you should ask in specific what you pray for and do not bargain with Him, like if you grant this I will do this. Just ask and be sincere when you pray or speak with God. Do so too with Our Lady, she is the closest person to Jesus Heart.

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