One of these never thought he was the pope

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Some say there are 2 popes in the Vatican. Others that there is only one.

Some say it is impossible to discern who is who, or which is which. Other says it is easy to see but lie.

But even a chlld can see the truth, and the two persons help us see it at Christmas each year.

First, here is the Christmas Card from December 2013, the first year after Pope Benedict went to live in the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery, at the heart of the Vatican.

This one is from Bergoglio. Pay attention to the details:

The next one is from the personal secretary of Pope Benedict XVI, last year.

Woe to you who say you can see, but say that you do not see!



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3 thoughts on “One of these never thought he was the pope”

  1. ‘Francis-speak’ is all the more disturbing, or should I say revealing. Some of it he proports to be accepted and practiced by all the Faithful, so where does that leave him in terms of possessing the gift of infallibility, a gift of the Holy Spirit which people who are popes have?
    How this relates to Benedicts resignation seems more plausible by your examination of the document, which I am more than strongly inclined to believe, since B is known to be exacting and proficient in Latin. To me, the evidence for F not being a valid pope is the clearer of the 2 arguments. I am not a Latin Scholar.

  2. I only found out yesterday about the speech that Cardinal Ratzinger gave in Parma in 1990, in which he said (if I understand correctly) that the Church was right and Galileo was wrong. How great to learn this about him! And no wonder he is so despised by the ‘enlightened’!

  3. I do remember a lot of flack about the Pope’s statement and Galileo.
    I do not remember the statement but remember one of the defenses and that was that people at the time had some intertwined ideas of the cosmos and theology which was disturbed by Galileo’s findings. Became this was upsetting to them and challenged their Faith, the Church silenced him. Pope’s are only infallible in matters of faith and morals.

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