The Christmas Revolt!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

They cancelled Easter and fooled us. Now they want to cancel Christmas? Hell no!

We Christians need to draw a line in the sand somewhere, or we will be drawn into slavery.

For this reason, I say the time has come to call for open, total rebellion and civil disobedience.

At Christmas.

I call this the Christmas Revolt!

I call on everyone to stop wearing the mask, refuse any observance of social distancing, open your businesses regardless of rules, and to physically take back your towns. Raise militia and arrest any government officials or police which push the Scamdemic.

It is us or them. And we have, as Catholics, not only the divine right to take back all authority for Christ, but the grave duty to risk everything to protect and save everyone from certain death and slavery, planned for us by the Masonic Lodges in this Scamdemic and Great Reset.

Our forefathers went on Crusade for much much less. But now the end of civilization itself is openly being sought by these maniacs and psychopaths in power.

Avoid violence unless violence is brought upon you, but be decisive.

We must respond to the call of Bl. Urban II again, “God wills it!”, DEUS Vult!


Hanno annullato la Pasqua e ci hanno ingannato. Ora vogliono cancellare il Natale? Diavolo, no!

Noi cristiani dobbiamo tracciare una linea nella sabbia da qualche parte, o saremo trascinati nella schiavitù.

Per questo dico che è giunto il momento di chiedere una ribellione aperta e totale e la disobbedienza civile.

A Natale.

Io la chiamo la Rivolta di Natale!

Chiedo a tutti di smettere di indossare la maschera, di rifiutare qualsiasi osservanza della distanza sociale, di aprire le vostre attività indipendentemente dalle regole, e di riprendersi fisicamente le vostre città. Radunate le milizie e arrestate tutti i funzionari governativi e le forze dell’ordine che spingono la Scamdemonia.

O noi o loro. E noi, come cattolici, non solo abbiamo il diritto divino di riprenderci ogni autorità per Cristo, ma il grave dovere di rischiare tutto per proteggere e salvare tutti da morte certa e dalla schiavitù, pianificata per noi dalle Logge massoniche in questo Scamdemico e Grande Reset.

I nostri antenati andarono in Crociata per molto meno. Ma ora la fine della civiltà stessa è apertamente ricercata da questi maniaci e psicopatici al potere.

Evitate la violenza fino a quando la violence si fa contro noi, ma siate decisi.

Dobbiamo rispondere di nuovo all’appello di Bl. Urban II: “Dio lo vuole”, DEUS Vult!

5G+ Networks necessary to turn humanity into robotic slaves

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There is a lot of information about 5G in regard to how it affects cellular or chemical processes and thus can harm human life.

But the greater and more certain threat is any communication network which enables control of billions of individuals simultaneously from a cloud network of superfast computers running artificial intelligence programs.

It is an public fact that all the components of such a plan are being developed:

  1. Super cooled computers which are millions of times faster in their processing capacity than current computer technology.
  2. Subcutaneous implants which can emit medicine, chemicals etc., to affect the metabolism or neurochemical state of those in whom they are implanted.
  3. Subcutaneous implants which can interface with nurons to upload information from the brain to computers and download computers to the brain.
  4. Vast campaigns, already underway, by which social media is gathering personal information on individuals so as to understand what stimuli is most capable of distracting and thus controlling them.
  5. Social Media Network manipulation to use threat and intimidation to prevent the expression or sharing of certain kinds of information and to promote the addiction or dependence to stimuli received through the internet. — The results of this already have led to the destruction of the book printing industry, social isolation on a massive scale and the subjection of 90% of human relations to the net so they can be monitored and studied.

5G may not be the network to implant the final solution of turning us all into transhuman slaves. But certainly it is a step in that direction, and for that reason it should be opposed on principle, such as all of the above should be rejected.


CREDITS: A Vodafone Cellphone tower in Germany, with 5G units installed, by Tomás Freres, source here and used here in accord with a CCASA 4.0 license.