Dr Paul Thomas: Shocking results found in vaxxed Children

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One thought on “Dr Paul Thomas: Shocking results found in vaxxed Children”

  1. How many parents read the Safety Data Sheets together with the Patient Information Leaflets for vaccines for children and how many parents would fully understand the risk of vaccine injuries and be able to work out the odds of vaccine injuries to their children from a single vaccine dose and cumulative vaccine doses? Honestly how many would be able to truly give ‘informed consent’ on behalf of their children? How many parents realise that many vaccine companies are indemnified against vaccine injuries and that giving consent for their children to be vaccinated may nullify any future claim for compensation for any vaccine injuries? How many parents realise that some vaccines administered to children may still be in the trial phase and therefore their children might effectively be experimented upon? How many parents fail to do their homework with regard to vaccines and instead put their full faith and trust in the medics and health care professionals?


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