When the inhuman becomes demonic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Somethings are demonic and somethings are merely inhuman.

When we consider the environment in which we live our daily lives, it is crucial for our personal salvation to take precautions that what we put in our daily path or lives is conducive to our eternal salvation.

This is part of the great wisdom of the Saints of all ages, that they gave us example of how to subdue this world to the service of Jesus Christ and how to not allow it to swallow them up.

Christ Jesus warned us of this in the parable of the Sower, when He spoke of the seed which was choked after sprouting, by the thorns and cares of this life.

The classical notion of a care of life, was a preoccupation. We could call it today perhaps an addiction, bad habit, or vice.

Among the many things, which of themselves are not bad habits in us, there are things in the real world which can become instruments of our destruction because they incite immorally destructive or morally inordinate behavior in us, which leads to spiritual destruction.

A well know example is alcoholic beverages.

The are not evil in themselves. But as foods they are not suitable for human consumption. They actually destroy the liver when they contain high amounts of alcohol.  But as things, which contain compounds which occur in the nature which God our Creator gave us, they are not evil in the moral sense or in the Scholastic sense of being defective.

However, because of the effect on the human body of the intake of high amounts of alcohol, these beverages are morally dangerous in small quantities to some and to all in large quantities.

To defend ourselves from such beverages, in the spiritual sense, we must exercise the virtues of prudence and temperance. Prudence to be informed as to their incompatibility with the human metabolism and their consequent dangerous effect after consumption, and temperance to hold off from intaking them, except in highly controlled and limited quantities.  Helping us in this work of virtue we have the teaching of God in Sacred Scripture, by which He has clearly indicated that drunkards will be damned for all eternity in Hell.

Now all this is well known to the Catholic who knows his faith and has basic prudence and temperance, though not a few talking heads publicly glory in getting soused or drunk, ignorant as they are of the basic Catechism.

Now, since this is true of a substance which is naturally occurring in nature itself, how much more it is true of something which is artificial or incompatible with our humanity, that it can become dangerous to our personal salvation.

If we consider things artificial, we can positively distinguish that some of them are useful and innocuous and others inhuman or dangerous.  For example, most kinds of pottery are useful and innocuous. We only have to be sure they were not made with mercury or lead or other poisonous elements or substances. This is why at stores, in the West, pottery is labeled as being food grade or non food grade, to advise us whether it can be used to serve food or beverages.

But other things like television and the internet, though they are very useful, are inhuman, because they cause us to interact in ways which are not natural.

Now much as been written and said about the dangers of television. So I will not repeat it hear. But I will remark and repeat, what my own mother, Doris C. Bugnolo (Masters in Childhood Education, University of Columbia, NYC, class of 1958), who taught elementary school from 1954-2012 told me: that she saw a progressive decline in children’s ability to learn in the classroom and to behave in an orderly manner in direct correlation to the increase use of television in the home.

As a graduate of the University of Florida – Gainesville (B. A. Cultural Anthropology, class of 1986), I have been observing the effects of television my whole life, and particularly its effects on religious in monasteries.

I have noticed that in Monasteries in both Europe and the United States, there is no religious observance of any recognizable kind, except for merely external perfunctory exercises, in those monasteries which have allowed the religious to watch television. While in those in which there is no television, there is much more discipline and dedication to the life of perfection and Gospel living.

Television is what I would call, an inhuman device, because it presents to us images of such quasi real quality that the fascination becomes addictive at an early age, and a fascination which is so primordial and subconscious that few, very few, are able to escape its psychological effects.

I have noticed, for example, in the fight against the Scamdemic, it is those who had given up watching TV for some years who were the first ones able to see that it was a Scam and the first ones with the moral courage and fortitude to resist and fight against it.

I believe the reason for this lies in the effect that habitual Video and Television watching has on the human psyche.

Here, we must distinguish between something which is not evil per se and which has little effect in any given use, to something which very subtly alters our perception of reality and how we think by habitual use.

In the 70’s pop psychologists noticed this about TV and dubbed it the boob-tube. By this term they wished to compared the subtle effects of TV addiction to the natural response a child has at its mothers breast. As all mothers know, there comes a time when the child must be removed from the breast-feeding experience which was necessary to their life in the first months and enure them to taking food in the mouth by being spoon fed or hand fed. So necessary is this for the growth and life of children, that for ages, there has been confected bitter creams which can be used to make breast feeding distasteful for little ones so that they learn to stop doing it.  And we naturally have an abhorrence to see older children who have not acquired this distaste.

Video has similar noticeable effects.  Those who watch it habitually are inclined not to think about what they are watching or engage it critically, but simply to be spectators who see, experience and remember. Some are so foolish as to think that just because something is said on video that it is more trustworthy.

But Television has also an effect culturally. Because for more than 70 years we have be habituated to learn the news through TV programs produced daily.  These have been presented to us as authoritative channels of information. And so many believe this that if the TV told them to do something today, they probably would do it.

This is the power used by the NWO during the Scamdemic, and it we can now see it for what it is.

The inhuman has become the demonic. That is, Television and Video which of itself presents us with information in an inhuman manner, which is so like real life that it fools us into using it without the natural human reactions of self reflection and thought (which we know how to use when dealing with real human beings in the real world) IN THE HANDS OF NEFARIOUS MEN has become a demonic instrument of power, capable of having the same effect over souls as demonic possession over individuals.

I say “demonic” rather than “diabolic” or “satanic”, because the demon in Greek mythology was a ruling spirit, whereas the diabolic is a tempting spirit and the satanic refers to the head of all fallen angels.

If we consider, now, the effect of Social Media, the demonic effect is even more pervasive despite the fact that in Social Media we are forced to engage with more self reflection and independence. So while habitual social media use is less inhuman, its pervasiveness and the amount of time which it demands to be used makes it much more inhuman.  We see this in others when we read of how many divorces habitual internet use causes in families. We perhaps do not see this in how much time and years of our life have been wasted chit-chatting on social media — a thing we would have never done at the local pub, bar or diner, because of our Christian ethic of avoiding such places of idleness.

On top of all of this, when we come to know that the internet and social media were invented by the Deep State and Globalist or Masonic organizations precisely to control and manipulate us, then the danger of habitually using it becomes all the greater.

We must make decisive changes in the way we live if we are to avoid the dangerous effects of the inhuman in the hands of the malign. The Scamdemic is an alarm call to all Christians, and to all who are concerned about human civilization, which cannot be ignored.



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6 thoughts on “When the inhuman becomes demonic”

  1. Brilliant, Brother Bugnolo.
    Television destroys man’s ability to think because it attacks proper epistemology. In a word, epistemology—the theory of learning or how he learns—is wrecked by TV by flooding and conquering his mind with prefab images, thus replacing the function and ability of the mind to use, develop and expand its own imagination to create our naturally absorb those images by which we think.
    Consider: with TV, the images are provided to you. The trustworthiness of the sources is another question.
    With a book, by contrast, your mind creates the images, whether of Sancho Panza getting blanket toss’d, Huck Finn rafting down the Mississippi or the sea spray in the face of Ahab as he plants his harpoon in a raging Moby Dick. In that last book, you can practically taste the clam chowder as Melville—buried with his wife in Woodlawn Cemetery in the northeast Bronx—describes how to make it.
    I reckon the internet works just as destructively as TV on the human mind. In fact it is no different when used for video purposes.
    You’re quite correct. The Mask Regime was imposed because people—astonishingly—believe almost anything, what so ever no matter how false or absurd, that they see on TV.
    I never owned a TV. The modern hearth. And a demonic instrument now for certain. (Nice distinction too on the three kinds of evil spirits.)
    Rather, far better the original hearth: a fireplace. That’s a proper place for a family to gather about, or for one to recite a Rosary. Or Heaven forfend, to read a book.
    Brother B.

    1. How about “When the Satanic becomes just summarily Stupid” or “When Jolly Old St.Nick becomes a SuperSpreader”?
      Leading even the politicization and control of Clement Clarke Moore’s iconic poem, “Twas the night before Christmas,” the infamous Dr. Fauci recently quelled the fears of masked tots and paranoid kids everywhere, assuring them that “I took care of this for everyone. I took a trip up to the North Pole and gave Santa the vaccine myself. Santa’s ‘immunity level’ is perfect; there is no need to worry.”

      Satirist Thomas Griffin writes: “Mr. Claus, too, is known for ringing some bells upon his entrance and exit of homes. Yet nobody could’ve imagined that someone might compare his tidings of great joy and gift-bearing with the loathsome toll of the leper’s bell—an omen of disease and death. Such is the way of things in this never-ending Covidtide.”

      Oh Lord, have mercy!

  2. Anything or anyone who stands in our way of living and breathing a Catholic life is demonic.

    1. Sts. Luke and Matthew completely agree, recording Our Lord who solemnly said: “He who is not with Me is Against Me.”

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