Italian Court declares all Scamdemic controls illegitimate

Here is the official ruling: CausaCivile n. r. g. 45986 / 2020

Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Case n. r. g. 45986/2020 regarded a business which was fined for violating the Covid-19 Scamdemic controls in Italy, as they were imposed by the Prime Minister of Italy in DPCMs (Decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers– the Official title of the Prime Minister in Italy), and subsequently had to close operations, resulting in the inability of the leaser to pay the property owner rent.

The court absolved the defendant of responsibility in not being able to pay the rent from April to June, on the grounds of weighty constitutional principles:

  1. A state of emergency for health cannot be invoked for any reason to deprive Italian citizens of their liberty or constitutional rights.
  2. The violation of the rights of citizens by the decrees of the government is indisputed.
  3. The Decree on the State of Emergency was made without any reference to the necessity of such a declaration as regards means to prevent a pandemic.
  4. There is no Constitutional basis for the Government to claim to have authority to declare a state of emergency for a pandemic, seeing that the Italian Constitution limits this solely to states of military war on Italian soil.
  5. All governmental controls presuppose the State of Emergency which was unconstitutionally declared and which lacked necessary motivation for an administrative act.
  6. No administrative act has force of law when it is promulgated if at the time of promulgation the reasons for its enactment were hidden from the public, as this Government has notoriously done in regard to the discussions of the Technical Committee which it cited as justification for its administrative decrees, and are therefore invalid for violation of Art. 3 legge 241/ 1990.
  7. The Decrees of the Government lack all rationality, since distances which are declared unsafe in some circumstances are held to be safe in others.
  8. Therefore, the Decrees of the Government are irreparable vitiated by the violation of the requirements of having basis in reality as to their motivation.

This case regarded a sports complex which was leased by a business for such use, in which the leaser failed to pay rent in May and June, and the property owner sought to obtain such rent. The Court ruled that the leaser did not have to pay the rent, but that the owner of the property should enter in to mediation with the leaser for the ending of the lease.


Those who are Vaccinated will not be able to have valid marriages

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the Catholic Church, to have a valid marriage, several things are required, among which are that 1) the couple be both baptized Christians, one of whom is a Catholic, 2) they enter into a marriage bond for the purpose of having Children as God willed this to happen, 3) they do not deny the Catholic doctrine on Marriage in those things which pertain to validity of such a bond: such as only a man and a woman can marry validly, and that God is the creator and author and sole authority in how to use the powers of procreation.

But for those who are contemplating taking the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine, you should fear for your immortal souls, not only for your lives, because by transgressing the Law of God expressed in our genetic heritage, and daring to act with impudent rebellion and alter your genetic heritage by taking the Vaccine, you will break the covenant you have forged with God in baptism, and merit eternal damnation and all the punishments consequent to that crime.

But those who are vaccinated with a mRNA vaccine need also to know that they will not be able to validly marry in the Catholic Church.

This is because, for all these Vaccines, one or more of these prevail:

  1. The Vaccine is contraceptive and a sterilizing agent for men and women, and all such who have habitually sterilized or contracepted their powers of procreation are incapable of validly marrying. (see Canons 1055, 1084 §1, 1101 §2)
  2. The Vaccine alters your genetic heritage and makes it impossible for you to pass on in an act of procreation the nature which God gave you in your conception, and for which purpose God instituted marriage. Outside of this purpose, no marriage can be valid. (Canon 1101 §2)
  3. The Vaccine is so dangerous, so unnecessary and so clearly satanic in its origin, goals and effects, that to willingly submit to it is without a doubt an act of apostasy from God the Creator, in disbelief of whom no Christian marriage is valid. (canon 1071 §1, n. 4).

But since apostates and those who reject God’s laws on marriage and those who intend to contraception or who have sterilized themselves cannot validly marry, so neither can those who have taken these artificial mRNA vaccines.

By artificial mRNA vaccine, I mean to signify a Vaccine which introduces a non human mRNA sequence into your cells, which can replicate over and over for the rest of your life and alter your ability to pass on to your children the DNA and mRNA which God gave you in your conception.

The truth of these conclusions and affirmations flows from the truth of the principles and the logical form, for what God has revealed determines truth. Truth is not defined by authoritative declarations of men, neither in the Church, nor in the State. This is why the Catholic Faith will never change, and why the forces of darkness push the Vaccine.

No apologies

I understand that many will reject these truths. But we are living in an age of Apostasy, so do not expect those who have already apostatized from so much, of being able to return to sanity.

They will argue that the conditions for a non Catholic NWO marriage ignore that it is not Catholic and NWO subordinate, and pretend that this has nothing to do with the Faith. But their very arguments will convict them as unbelievers, for the Faith defines marriage and God defines what it means to be a human, and no man can play games with either definition.

As Scripture clearly teaches: God created Adam so that of his progeny Christ be born to save man from eternal damnation. He never willed or intended the salvation of those other races of men mentioned in Genesis. Thus, salvation is bound up essentially with genetic heritage.

And this is why and how the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines are part of the GREAT APOSTASY from God. You do have the freedom to become a GMO human, but that choice will break your bonds with Adam and Christ irrevocably.

Thus to take an artificial mRNA sequence is to break the Covenant God made with Adam, that is, opt you out of from it, and put you outside God’s entire plan for the salvation of the elect. After that there is no more mercy, because mercy only comes from God according to His plans, not your plans.

Finally, we read in Scripture both that God will not destroy the works of His Hands, but also that at the end of time that He will destroy all the wicked on earth. This seems a paradox, until you know about a mRNA vaccine.

Holy and Zealous Priest punches unholy Bishop in the mouth

Special report from our Correspondent in Argentina

On December 22, 2020, Bishop Eduardo Taussig of the Diocese of San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina, received a beating with cenched fists at his office from one of his priests, Camilo Dib, Vicar of the parish Nuestra Señora del Carmen in the town of Malargüe. Bishop Taussig, for a long time has alienated the esteem, love and good will of both ordinary lay Catholics in San Rafael, Mendoza, and most of the priests of the Diocese of San Rafael. Bishop Taussing has dedicated himself to persecute pious lay catholic teachers and priests who respectively take and give communion in the mouth and kneeling. Furthermore a few months ago, he closed down the seminary “Santa María Madre de Dios” with more than 40 seminarians, for the same liturgical practice and love for Catholic orthodoxy. The Catholic people of San Rafael were very proud of a Seminary, which gave identity to their town and Province. Not long ago there was a demonstration against the authoritarian modernist policies of Bishop Taussig (a surname also used by Jews). The Bishop blamed revered Father Dib for supporting his flock at the demonstration and called on him to explain himself, after forbidding Father Dib to celebrate any sacraments. Exasperated by the unfatherly manners of the cyniocal bishop at the meeting, Father Dib reacted with holy ire and did what Saint John Chrisostomus prescribed for heresiarchs: a good punch in the mouth!