Holy and Zealous Priest punches unholy Bishop in the mouth


Special report from our Correspondent in Argentina

On December 22, 2020, Bishop Eduardo Taussig of the Diocese of San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina, received a beating with cenched fists at his office from one of his priests, Camilo Dib, Vicar of the parish Nuestra Señora del Carmen in the town of Malargüe. Bishop Taussig, for a long time has alienated the esteem, love and good will of both ordinary lay Catholics in San Rafael, Mendoza, and most of the priests of the Diocese of San Rafael. Bishop Taussing has dedicated himself to persecute pious lay catholic teachers and priests who respectively take and give communion in the mouth and kneeling. Furthermore a few months ago, he closed down the seminary “Santa María Madre de Dios” with more than 40 seminarians, for the same liturgical practice and love for Catholic orthodoxy. The Catholic people of San Rafael were very proud of a Seminary, which gave identity to their town and Province. Not long ago there was a demonstration against the authoritarian modernist policies of Bishop Taussig (a surname also used by Jews). The Bishop blamed revered Father Dib for supporting his flock at the demonstration and called on him to explain himself, after forbidding Father Dib to celebrate any sacraments. Exasperated by the unfatherly manners of the cyniocal bishop at the meeting, Father Dib reacted with holy ire and did what Saint John Chrisostomus prescribed for heresiarchs: a good punch in the mouth!


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4 thoughts on “Holy and Zealous Priest punches unholy Bishop in the mouth”

  1. So many bishops, so many punches deserved. In saner times they would have been offered either repentance and a welcome back into the bosom of Holy Mother Church, or the flames of purging fire!

  2. Don Camillo and the Spirit of St Nicholas Lives
    One has to wonder if a Lavender Mafia bishop is part of the Catholic Church at all. I rather doubt it. Don Camillo—like his namesake in the “Little World” of Guareschi—did the right thing on the account of the facts retold here. Thus all this talk of interdict and suspension in the CNA USCCB piece have no legitimacy.
    Just about everyone at the Casa Santa Marta starting w Antipope Bergoglio the Usurper deserves the same. And cast down from his throne he will be.
    “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, thou alone hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world!”

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