YouTube Strikes From Rome Info after FB transmission of Supplica

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

YouTube striked for a second time the YouTube Channel, “From Rome Info”.  The strike was sent out at 4 AM Rome time, or 7 PM Christmas Eve, San Francisco Time.

This strike was launched at a similar moment as the previous, which was sent out 30 minutes after I used the YouTube App to live stream the Supplica to Our Lady in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

This second strike was launched 4 hours after a friend of mine did a live stream of the same Supplica on his FB page.

Here is the Christmas present from YouTube.

I have not used YouTube in more than a week

But their censorship does not end. As you can see it appears that there is a censor at YouTube who reads FromRome.Info and is triggered by broadcasts of the Supplica.

The Church Fathers talk about how the Beast of the Apocalypse lurks to hunt the Child Jesus and thus inspired Herod to slay the innocent children. Today we are faced with the same followers of the Beast, who promote abortion and cannot stand that Catholics pray before the relics of the Crib of Christ, which are kept at Santa Maria Maggiore.

So far my new channel, From Rome Info, has received 2 strikes in 2 weeks, Another strike and the channel and all its videos will be destroyed by YouTube the Barbarian!  If you like any of them, download them now, for they will be lost forever.