4 thoughts on “HSE finally admits that Sars-Cov19 has never been proven to cause Covid-19”

  1. Excellent News! Well Done to award winning investigative journalist Gemma O’Doherty on finally retrieving that crucial piece of information from the Health Service Executive Ireland (HSE). Interestingly, here’s the response (enclosed jpg) received from the former Minister for Health Simon Harris and the Department of Health Ireland to a question about the PCR COVID-19 testing that was asked at the beginning of April 2020 via elected Independent political representative Mattie McGrath T.D. Ireland.


  2. The fear that people have is not so much the virus but the threats which our world leadership (including the Vatican, its Episcopates & clergy) have attached to it. Closed churches, loss of jobs, no social contact with family & friends, old people confined to their homes without personal contact with family, no medical attention even for ongoing life-threatening conditons like cancer, heart, stroke, diabetes & severe disabilities. The threat attached to not being employable if you don’t receive the vaccine, the withdrawl of your bank/credit card, non-acceptance of bank notes to pay for food, clothes, household bills & as a result water, gas, electricity to your home, workplace, etc. will be cut off.

    As we await the outcome of the US Presidential Election, it would appear that whichever way it goes there is going to be civil war which will likely extend to Europe & beyond. The likes of Gates, Soros, Rockefllers, Rothschilds etc. have money galore to pay BLM, Antifa & other scurrulous activists to keep the cauldrons bubbling until they get complete surrender. We are in the hands of the Almighty as to when He decides to act. We cannot know the manner which this will take or when – we only know that the NWO & Apostasy within the CC will be have to be completely annihilated for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculat Heart of Mary to take place. Neither the voting Cardinals nor the Bishops of the world (a necessity for it to occur) are anyways near to agreeing to carry out Our Lady’s request. Even the relatively ‘good ones’ are unwilling to call out the incumbent of the PO for what he is; a Marxist, Heretic, Idolater, Blasphemer, LGBT & NWO supporter, Recipient of $$$$s from the CCP annually for the abandonment of Chinese Catholics & keeping silent on alll their Satanic acts gainst humanity.

  3. Looks like Ireland has been spending €100’s of millions so far in Ireland during 2020 testing for what more and more looks like an imaginary SARS-CoV 2 virus that has never been proved to exist nor officially reported in Ireland as having ever been fully isolated in a laboratory. The attached jpg image in earlier comment above failed to be posted. So here’s a transcript. For answer April 27th 2020 Department of Health Ireland Number 368 Question from Deputy Mattie McGrath Q. In the context of there being four Coronaviruses responsible for around 50% of common colds, could the Minister for Health Simon Harris and the Department of Health please clarify what exactly the PCR-based test is identifying? Are COVID-19 tests specifically identifying the COVID-19 strain and if so which strain(s) exactly of COVID-19 and please provide the formal scientific classification details of same, genetic sequencing etc. Or are the COVID-19 tests merely amplifying chunks of generic Coronavirus RNA indiscriminately? Answer: COVID-19 tests currently in use in Ireland test specifically for SARS CoV 2 RNA. The test result confirms whether or not SARS CoV 2 RNA is detected. Routine confirmation of cases of COVID-19 is based on detection of unique sequences of virus RNA by NAAT such as real-time reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) with confirmation by nucleic acid sequencing when necessary. The viral genes targeted so far include the N, E, S and RdRP genes. The World Health Organisation has published a full technical explanation of laboratory testing for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in suspected human cases.


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