Faithful Catholic Bishop Han Jingtao dies in captivity in China

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4 thoughts on “Faithful Catholic Bishop Han Jingtao dies in captivity in China”

  1. Francis, the False Prophet, notoriously and openly, rejected the true Roman Catholic Church in China, and fully embraced the CCP-Controlled “Catholic Church”. God bless Bishop Jingtao, and all the true Catholics in China. I wonder how long before Roman Catholics in the West face this kind of persecution?

  2. Catechism of Communist Youth Party Members: 1. “Remember that priests are the greatest enemies of the Communist state? Remember that there must be no contact with priests. Gods Underground in Asia by Gretta Palmer 1950 Priests have been tortured in most unmentionable ways, along with the faithful since long before Chairman Mao. May God have mercy on the martyr Church of China. Holy Blessed Bishop Han Jintao pray for us … ?

  3. Cardinal Ignatius Kung, pray for us.
    Bishop Han Ching-t’ao, pray for us.

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