Armed Forces of Canada take stand against Scamdemic

If you visit their Twitter page, you can see tweets featuring hundreds of Canadian policemen with their personal testimonies and photographs of support for this effort.

This most honorable members of law enforcement give a heroic and noble example to police everywhere on how to act today.

Please share this report with all your friends in the police.


Todos los Secretos de Bergoglio

This documentary, in the Spanish language, contains a very detailed summary of the international plot by the Deep State to install Bergoglio in place of Benedict as the keystone in their plan to prepare for the Great Reset. This documentary is perhaps the most complete and detailed dossier on the crimes, corruption, lies and deceit of Jorge Mario Bergoglio so far compiled in video format. It is a must watch if you can understand Spanish.

Questo documentario, in lingua spagnola, contiene una sintesi molto dettagliata della trama internazionale del Deep State per installare Bergoglio al posto di Benedetto come chiave di volta del loro piano di preparazione al Grande Reset. Questo documentario è forse il più completo e dettagliato dossier sui crimini, la corruzione, le menzogne e gli inganni di Jorge Mario Bergoglio finora compilato in formato video. È un must da guardare se si riesce a capire lo spagnolo.