Serafini & Graziano hacked the US Election from US embassy Rome

Renzi and Obama are involved!

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6 thoughts on “Serafini & Graziano hacked the US Election from US embassy Rome”

  1. So now what? The Kraken has been released, reports from Navarro have been released (second report), Data proved FRAUD in the U.S. Election; Foreign and Domestic. Now what? The FBI, CIA etc. aren’t doing anything. We the People of America want to know what is the next step. We will NOT call Biden our President because our votes were stolen! Biden is NOT our President. President Trump WON BY A LANDSLIDE.

    1. I think we need to create a group in signal or other platforms and stay informed. I think we need to keep collecting evidence before they delete it. We have to collect and use when the time comes.

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