Stop Watching Propaganda!

Analyzing propaganda is good, but we need to free our minds for that which is more necessary. Resources for propaganda analysis.

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  1. Increasingly it appears that more of those who have been trying their best to wake up others to the truth have had or are having an ‘Epiphany Moment’ similar to that stated below by James Corbett of The Corbett Report “We’re not here to simply dissect propaganda……We’re here to construct a better ‘System’….. there are better ways of living in this world….there are better ways of employing ‘Critical Thinking’…and ‘organising’ and ‘Performing Actions’ in the ‘Real World’……that is where we need to concentrate our energy…..especially right now….” Anyway it is becoming increasingly more difficult to analyse the official data when that data is becoming more difficult to find and or is simply being removed. For example, has suddenly stopped displaying the weekly mortality data for Ireland and Italy and even the historical data gathered over the last 5 years for Ireland and Italy has been entirely removed and during pandemic lockdowns??!! Fortunately, Ivor Cummins has captured much of the key EuroMomo data for 2020 within the body of this excellent video that shows for example amongst many other interesting facts that in Ireland there was no overall excess mortalities in 2020. Crucial Viral Update Jan 4th – Europe and USA – Covers it ALL The ‘real’ health crisis in Ireland was one year ago in 2019!! Check out this website for mortality rates using United Nations data from 1950 up to current years and with projections out to 2100.


  2. Our open letter Docs4openbate went online 4 months ago – so this is a good moment to take stock. In the meantime the letter has been translated into 8 languages (!) and became a source of inspiration worldwide. It was read more than 500,000 times on the website and shared or quoted many times. At the end of October we sent about 330 letters to all ministers, members of parliament and senators of Belgium, as well as to the European Parliament. We received hardly any response. Our action received no media attention. Our goal of creating an open debate where dissenting independent experts would be heard, has not been achieved. Our ultimate goal of stopping the sanitary measures immediately, which were in no way substantiated, was not achieved – in the end, we were completely ignored and hushed up in Belgium. But we will not give up. In the meantime, we have further developed and completed the website – it remains online. Our team gives interviews and makes videos, and we have many international contacts with doctors, scientists and lawyers.

    Yet there are questions arising, also with us. Is this really the way to stop this tsunami? The law of attraction allows us to resonate with everything we give attention to and … to strengthen it. So at the end of the day resistance is not a good reaction. But with this letter we want to bring a message of hope for the New Year.

    We came into contact recently with a special initiative that we would like to share with you. Much to our joy, there is a fully elaborated citizen’s plan available, which can contribute to the great turnaround. Without struggle, focused on what we want:

    The United People Foundation.

    Everyone can subscribe to a Declaration of Peace by and for the people, which aims exclusively at the welfare of all, based on a New Declaration of Human Rights. And the criminal financial system, where all prosperity flows upwards, is finally tackled at its roots in the form of a new bank – the interest-free Bank of Joy and a new currency, the URA, which is not based on debt. No more inflation. Trading with like-minded people. Transformation of the tax system. Influence on policy through referendums. Gradual transformation of all branches of our society, including health policy. The whole project in all its phases has been fully worked out and is currently in phase 1, with thousands already subscribing to it. It is applicable worldwide.

    So we let go of the Old and focus all our attention on a People’s Reset. Citizens unite in the good, this way our society can step by step fall back into the hands of the people themselves, just like a gigantic cooperative. There is no fight. We focus together on what our hearts want.

    Video 4 min:

    We have already joined the United People Foundation and the Bank of Joy – did you too? Welcome to a world of brotherhood and connectedness where we create together the world we crave. We wish you a wonderful new year full of hope, transformation and connectedness and the strength to let go of what is not (or no longer) right and to focus resolutely on what can bear fruit. Together we will make it a wonderful 2021 !

    With hope,

    The Docs4opendebate-team

    PS: As a bonus we add these 2 videos in Dutch by Paul Van Egghen, hypnotist. He made an 11-minute video to delete the continuous fear programs that come to us through the media. Ideal for broad sharing! Thank you Paul!


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