Trump loses his mind, blames peasants, absolves Elites

Trump has formally conceded to Biden to seize the Presidency after succeeding in gathering all the evidence that he and not Biden won. He has cowtowed to the Political Corrupt Elite and faulted American Patriots for their just anger yesterday.

This man is the epitome of Benedict Arnold and Judas Iscariot. He has stabbed 100 Million supporters in the back who would have gone to war for him. He has chosen to embrace those who hate him, who are even now preparing his impeachment and removal of office, so he can never run for office again.

Trump will go down in history as the biggest Beta Male failure in the world. To be hated by those who hated him, and who loved him.

He is acting entirely irrationally.

Thus ends the story of Donald J. Trump. Requiescat in infamia.

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21 thoughts on “Trump loses his mind, blames peasants, absolves Elites”

  1. There is something very suspicious about this video message. Something isn’t clicking, and I can’t put my finger on it. He’s fooled the swamp many times in the last 4 years and this may be the case. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Trump did not actually use the word “concede” nor did he name who would be involved that peaceful transition. Could he be referring a peaceful transition into his second term during a roundup of traitors? One might claim that a bit of a stretch but there is also one valid reason for the delay in Trump invoking the Insurrection Act and its the same reason he did not mention the promised bombshell revelation as the bombshell involves resolving SOME diplomatic necessities with Italy, a NATO nation before any revelation is made public. Also I now see Ted Cruz proposal for a 10 day extension likely was for this diplomatic process to work out. Note also he stuck to his guns on rejecting the invalid electors while most others backed out! See: We should all know within a few days.

    1. I am allowing all comments even to the contrary of my opinion on this one. By Jan 20, I hope you come back and comment again. I take Trump at his face words in this. But I understand the psychological shock of having been lied to for years by a faker. I was in a religious institute founded by a faker, who really wanted to build a private castle for himself, not for the honor and glory of God. When I finally realized it, I left, but it took me 5 years to get over the shock and sense of betrayal. If I had not I would not be now in Rome, having kept my faith, against so many frauds in the cloth. Politicians are not more honest or holy than clergy, folks. I wish Trump would call for insurrection. But he wants just to pay his debts off and go back to his Elitist lifestyle. He never loved us or America, or he would fight for what he loves.

  3. Trump didn’t concede. Underestimating his genius is fatal, all of his enemies know this very well…
    We will soon see military tribunals, it’s the only option, and also the best one! Since foreign countries are involved, the swamp slaves are traitors on the highest level possible! Military tribunals are swift and without mercy. If those cases were taken to a civil court, it would take decades to resolve. Only military tribunals will be able to bring us Justice ASAP.
    Then there will be the Great Warning during 2021! Heaven will finally intervene!!! There will be global conversion on a level never experience on earth!
    The battle will then continue, with the antichrist arriving at the scene, but we will be prepared, and be called to refuges, if needed.

  4. The pedodeepstate has to become totally revealed first, before Donald Trump can actually take office again and may thus gain 99% support by the American people. The storming of the Capitol, seems to me, has been executed by Antifa, because the officials outside were not at all stressed. Also this might have been orchestrated by the deepstate . God laughs at them however, He is rolling out His masterplan…

  5. This article fails to mention Vice President Pence’s failure to cooperate with Trump’s plan to have the evidence Trump’s attorneys and experts collected proving extreme voter fraud evaluated by the electors from the key states. Pence’s letter of refusal on unconstitutional grounds answers a request that was not made of him and that is to be the one determine the election winner. Pence’s refusal forced Trump into his present position which seems to be beyond his control, although Trump has not changed his position regarding his election win, and has not uttered the words, “I concede”.

      1. The President does not have to concede in order to be replaced and removed from the White House by force if necessary. Pence certified the electors in spite of several key states requesting in writing to have a few days to examine the evidence of fraud and see if they wanted to withdraw /adjust their electoral votes. Pence was expected to do this by the people at the rally Jan. 6th, until they found out after Trump spoke, that Pence had certified the electoral votes. This information leaked throughout the massive crowd, leaving hundreds of thousands of Americans realizing the system of democracy , the vote of the people had failed, and voting could not be trusted again, since the party who perpetrated the massive , multi-faceted fraud would be in control of the government.

    1. Mr. Pence’s appalling decision to wash his hands of the truth, like Pilate, or of loyalty, like Lady MacBeth, confirmed his will to be wingman for “the swamp” and hangman for the boss. Given the pretext of predictable panic and protestations, the Media— in instant unison and on cue like the chorus in a Greek tragedy— wailed and flailed until any hopes of due process died and “the steal” of the election could no longer be stopped.

    2. I agree with you. There are still 11 days (as of January 9th) to Inauguration Day. So President Trump still has time. I still support him and I am not giving up. I we Trust In God, we cannot give up. The opposition plus the fake media with their propaganda continues to pull the wool over their followers.

  6. Please hang in there, guys! Trump never said he conceded. He never mentioned the elites or Biden. Emotions are high, but you must read his exact words and think like a brilliant strategist. He is not addressing his supporters, he is telling the criminals in Congress that they are going down! He is also announcing his seamless transition to his new administration, one that does not include the traitor Mike Pence. His strategy had to be changed because of the new developments implicating the government of Italy. He has to make sure his next moves do not destabilize Italy, etc. He is moving behind the scenes. US Navy is carrying out ops in Italy, as of yesterday. Our Lady picked the perfect General for the final battle of her peace plan. Praise God and trust Him!

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