Lt. General Thomas McInerney: Pelosi orchestrated attack on Capitol

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17 thoughts on “Lt. General Thomas McInerney: Pelosi orchestrated attack on Capitol”

  1. Even Stevie Wonder can see this was a rigged “riot” to trigger the Night of the Long Knives purge of conservative social media voices, the end of election Fraud investigations and the 2nd Impeachment of Trump in an attempt to prevent him from running in 2024

    1. How to deny that their wild appearance on the stairwells and hooting, looting hysterics in the hallowed halls had every earmark of last year’s AntiFa squads prescripted by the standard BLM playbook?
      Further proofs come to mind:
      First, the media, most in Congress and even some in the administration, came out like the Chorus in a Greek tragedy, castigating Mr. Trump as arch-villain and demanding resignation, exile, “unpersoning” from all media platforms, etc. for treasonous insurrection! All the on-cue condemnation, indignation and virtue-signaling could not fully camouflage their true glee at having been privy to and/or pulled off a final “gotcha” moment for this president. The unanimous, demonic drumbeat and gnashing of teeth killed any hopes of due process and “stopping the steal” by a decent review of election fraud.
      Second: If their horror was so horrible and terror so terrible, why did Congress— usually so stodgy, so circumspect, so “waiting for the paint to dry” cautious— recover and reconvene abnormally fast? Why no recess, no investigation, no show of nerves about their safety, no qualms about security? Instead, their business-like buoyancy, their fervent bravado, their “rush to justice” would seem to indicate that many must have somehow been in on the show.

  2. Funny how LTG McInerney has been curiously silent as well as LTG Flynn. I reckon the Deep State got in touch with them, eh?

    1. allthesilentcrusader, if you will google McInerney you will see he’s made many comments all the way back to December and beyond.

      1. The truth is that the media and their cronies have pretty much blacked out anything from either Flynn or the General. Nazi type propaganda and control by banning certain people and organizations as well as black listing certain political, religious, and constitutional views.

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Remember General McInerney? You should. He is your friend. American Fighter pilot 407 combat missions during Vietnam. He says Communism is coming to us and we don’t have much time. He says that what they are doing to us is disgraceful, and, he mentions Pilosi by name. It will help you to listen to him while we still have some freedom of speech on the airwaves.

  4. Hi Crusader … do you think they might be helping the other side? Perhaps we will hear from them in a few days when something happens. We don’t hear from Sydney Powell now either and Lin Wood has been taken away from us along with anyone else who appears to be a Trumper. The silence is curious as you say. It is meaningful maybe. General Mcinerney mentions Pelos by name. wow.

  5. Thank you Brother! Keep them coming!! So we find that Pope Francis was so against having Donald Trump as President … that he involved himself financially in the ‘deal’ to stop his presidency?

  6. Pray that God will rescue America before it is too late. It is very late, and even at this point, only God could make it happen, by inspiring the people who could do it. If God is behind it, it will be successful, if not, it will fail.
    It is obvious to see the machinations of the demonic Left. If Democrats do not see it now, they are under diabolical disorientation. Their eyes are incapable of seeing. Pray for President Trump, and our nation. Citizens of other nations could help by speaking out, even if we can’t. Freedom in our world is disappearing, and if America is taken over by Communism, freedom will probably be extinguished in the world.

  7. I should say, at this point, Americans still can speak out. We are not there yet. We need to speak out, and bring attention to the tyranny and the manipulations and hypocrisy.

  8. God has left this country because we have left God as a nation. He will not stay where he is not wanted. The people in the United States need to turn back to Him as the Jews did many times in the Bible. If the masses in this country start giving Him honor and homage then He will save us from the Democrats and the Deep State because if He is with us nothing on earth can stop Him or us. So quit your materialistic way of living and give God his due and he will save us from this road we have chosen, which is not toward God.

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