NWO’s next stage of Lockdown is coming to you!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Great Reset moves ahead without opposition. The unprecedented election fraud, perpetrated by the Deep State in collusion with China — Both controlled by the Masonic Banks of New York City, has led in the USA to the most brilliantly evil op by decapitating the leadership of the United States of America.

As you already know, the vote tallies in the US 2020 election were fraudulent in more than 20 states, where the ballots were counted on Dominion Voting Machines. These machines were not supposed to be equipped with with WIFI capabilities.  But they are made in China, and the Chinese had them so equipped so as to hack the election.

Mike Pence, the Vice President, plotted with Hilary Clinton and Obama to bring down President Trump, from as far back as 2017. Trump clearly won the presidency on Nov. 3, since the US Constitution requires that the victor be chosen on that day. But they kept counting votes in enough states so as to give time for the tallies to be hacked from the US Embassy in Rome, using CIA and MI5 personnel and transferring the data on an Italian Military Contractor.

The Secretaries of State whose duty it was to not certify dubious tallies were bribed by the Chinese  or were democrats, so they certified false results and the governors of the same states who should have convened their legislatures to investigate were also bought to prevent such action.

Mike Pence in the Joint Session of January 6, 2021 should have followed either the law of 1887 or the 12th amendmen, each of which gave him a way to prevent the counting of irregular or invalid ballots. But he chose not to.

Nancy Pelosi and the Mayor of Washington, D. C., colluded with Antifa to create enough disturbance at the Capitol, as the Joint Session met so as to create a pretext to label the supporters of Trump as terrorists. The Main Stream Media, like always, supporting the false narrative from Nov. 3 til today.

Most surprising to many was Trump’s concession speech the next day. He now recognizes that Biden will be inaugurated and has stated that he will not use his presidential powers to stop it. Though he seems to be taking action to preserve his popularity so that Turmp Inc., his real estate empire and hotel chain, will maintain its value, as a commercial enterprise.

Now Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and many other companies, even Firefox, are calling for the purge of their political opponents. Millions have already had their social media accounts erased from Twitter and Facebook. Even email services are blocking and dumping Trump and many others. I expect the next blow to be Gmail, which will start erasing gmail accounts, to massively disrupt personal communications. Then USA Banks will start seizing the assets of American citizens.

The sense of betrayal by more than 150 million Americans right now is unspeakable. They have been the victims of one of the most brilliantly evil plots to decapitate leadership and isolate individuals.

But this is just part of the Great Reset. What has happened in the USA, will now spread world wide after Biden is inaugurated, as he will use the full power of the US Intelligence Agencies and the agents thereof, in every national government, including Russia and China and the EU, to do the same to us all.

All of this proves that there is now no hope for salvation in our time, but from the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Russia must be consecrated, so that she be converted and become the Christian power against the Masonic Lodges and world Communism.

Pray the Rosary, and take ALL YOUR MONEY out of the bank!

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FBI Files on Nancy Pelosi’s Father: Thomas D’Alesandro Jr.

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is reported that these files contain shocking information about the criminality of Italian-American family members of the present Speaker of the U. S. House, Nancy Pelosi such as a Mafia connection and rape. As public documents, however, the revelation of their contents pertains to the public domain. In U.S. law it would not be illegal to publish their contents.  Nancy Pelosi is one of the principle American allies of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka Pope Francis.

Click on image to access the files on the official FBI server:

UPDATE: January 13, 2021, 11:30 PM Rock Mountain Time — This article was accessed 7 times from the servers of the FBI, by agents who were probably wondering why nearly 9000 of our readers are taking interest in these files. So many, that they probably thought it was a DOS attack! — FromRome.Info thanks LewRockwell.com and its readers for sharing this article!

CREDITS: The Image above is a screen shot of the FBI files, first page. The Featured Image is used in accord with a CCSA 3.0 License described here

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