US Department of State deposes Trump on its website

This is an actual screen shot of the official page of the U. S. President at the Department of State. The Biography has been removed and it declares that the President’s term of office ended at 19:38 today, USA TIME — which will not occur for another 5 hours, unless of course, the change was made from a server in Europe — say the U.S. Embassy in Rome?

However, in US Law, the US. President holds office until the inauguration of the next President. Also, to erase the page of an official biography on an official site is the felony of the destruction of a government record.

In related news, Twitter Inc.’s stock price fell 12.3% when trading opened on the New York Stock Market this morning. It is reported that the company lost 5 billion dollars in net worth in seconds. You can imagine how happy this is making so many Trump supporters world wide.

But in Congress, the Democrat Party is moving to full Marxist ERASURE OF MEMORY.

The concept of Damnatio memoriae was invented by the Egyptian Pharaohs. It consists in removing names of previous rulers from monuments.

President Trump to move to

This account is communicating that it has been given to Dan Scavino, President Trump’s Director of social media communications. The handle of the President will be the same as his former account on twitter @RealDonaldTrump.

How to connect to from outside the USA

While limits its users to those who can verify their accounts with a phone number in the USA or Canada, those who purchase such a number via their SKYPE account, can ask for a voice call to such a number for verification, and thus use from outside the USA.

DISCLAIMER: CloutHub has a lot of fake accounts, but it is believed that these announcements are authentic, after numerous users complained to the platform in recent days against anyone holding an account with the handle @RealDonaldTrump other than the president of the USA.

As a consequence of such rumors of the imminent arrival fo the President on the Platform, CloutHub is being overwhelmed with new accounts and has been barely functional for the last 24 hours.

CloutHub, describes itself thus:


CloutHub is a platform for everyone. Where users can express themselves, socialize with family and friends, get their latest news, share updates, and meet new friends. Users are treated equally, diverse political and social opinions are welcome and Free Speech is protected. CloutHub is using the power of the internet & social media to bring people together, give them the tools and resources they need to take on the issues they care about, and empower people to influence the decisions the affect the future of our communities, cities, and countries.

71% of Americans believe the USA is headed to Civil War

The Poll was conducted by The Frontier Center “Ear to the Ground” Project, and was reported on by Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner on January 8, 2021, who wrote therein:

The Center’s Anne Sorock Segal told us, “The controversy over the disputed election outcome is crystallizing the view that a new Civil War is coming. Trump supporters view the election not as end point, now, but as a phase line in a war that has already begun.”

About 28% of the population supports Biden, so the poll indicates that the vasts majority of Americans fear a Civil War is just around the corner.

CREDITS: Image care of The Frontier Center. For link to actual poll data, see the reference in the article cited by Paul Dedard.

Dear Tea-time Catholics: You cannot have it both ways!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Tea-time Catholics are freaking out this morning.

You see, Bergoglio just “decreed” that woman can receive the ministeries of lector and acolyte.

Over at Rorate Caeli they recognize that that is not compatible with Sacred Tradition.

But those who want Bergoglio to be the Pope — because they do not judge things according to the norm of Church law, but according to the opinions of the ecclesiastical circles in which they move or want to move — won’t accept this new decree.

When eating their crumpets, they insist Bergoglio is the pope, even though Benedict says he never resigned the spiritual reality of the papacy.

But when drinking their tea, they insist that Bergoglio has no power to alter the faith and therefore all which he does which disagrees with whatever sense of Catholicism they may still retain, is not official or political and not binding.

Theirs is a convenient conceit, which allows them to pretend a lot while pretending a lot.

It absolves them, conveniently too, of moving to remove him for heresy, apostasy or attacking the Church.

And, it also allows them to keep posing as leaders and asking for money while risking nothing.

There is a word for such a race of men, but it would be impolite to use it.

As for Catholics, we see the world in white and black, as our Lord taught us: Let your yes be a yes, and your no, a no!

We endorse the Catholic Party for America, the only hope, now that the Republican Party has imploded and turned against the people:

Maybe it is time we all change our Social Media Network?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As Saint Augustine of Hippo remarked in his epic essay, On the City of God, there is a battle in this word, between 2 cities: The city which is founded upon the love of God unto the contempt of self; and the city which is founded upon the love of self, unto the contempt of God.

This battle has a demarcation line too. But not as the Gnostics would have, between spirit and matter. Rather, its demarcation line is between the right use and the misuse of all things.  And thus this battle line is drawn through the affairs of daily life and even in our culture or way of living.

But we can describe these two warring camps by the things which characterize their lives.

In the one camp, there is the Divine Network of prayer and grace. You can log on to this network at any time or day, but not in every activity.  The login requires faith and attention, and the mortification to remain connected and interactive.

In the other camp, there is the Network of the Antichrist, which is called Social Media. To log on, you need a computer or cellphone or tablet, an internet connection, a password, and a stable decision TO SEPARATE YOURSELF from all those around you physically and even from the Divine Network.

Those addicted to the Divine Newtork become saints, great saints.

Those addicted to the Network of the Antichrist become mediocre at best, and vain gasbags more often than not.  Vanity and sloth being capital sins, you can imagine where its users are being led.

God gives us a free login (faith), password (charity) and network access (prayer), eternal benefits (salvation) and temporal gains (virtue, counsel, peace, discernment, gifts, repentance etc..). In addition, we can find the most famous interesting group of celebrities and divas, such as Our Lady, Saint Joseph, and all the Angels and Saints, all wiling to hear our comments, interact with us, and even send us free promotional graces or grant us tremendous intercessions to our legal and non legal petitions!

That is a great package. Who can beat it?

Maybe it is about time we change social media network?