71% of Americans believe the USA is headed to Civil War

The Poll was conducted by The Frontier Center “Ear to the Ground” Project, and was reported on by Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner on January 8, 2021, who wrote therein:

The Center’s Anne Sorock Segal told us, “The controversy over the disputed election outcome is crystallizing the view that a new Civil War is coming. Trump supporters view the election not as end point, now, but as a phase line in a war that has already begun.”

About 28% of the population supports Biden, so the poll indicates that the vasts majority of Americans fear a Civil War is just around the corner.

CREDITS: Image care of The Frontier Center. For link to actual poll data, see the reference in the article cited by Paul Dedard.

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2 thoughts on “71% of Americans believe the USA is headed to Civil War”

  1. I thought for sure that last week was the start. However, I soon realized that no one had any real weapons. Our Republic cannot stand when the courts will not hear our grievances, and our Congress is no longer of use. The Christian conservatives in the Red states have next to nothing in common with the atheists and immoral people of the Blue states. I, for one, cannot believe that Trump will not invoke the Insurrection Act and institute martial law.

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