Dear Tea-time Catholics: You cannot have it both ways!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Tea-time Catholics are freaking out this morning.

You see, Bergoglio just “decreed” that woman can receive the ministeries of lector and acolyte.

Over at Rorate Caeli they recognize that that is not compatible with Sacred Tradition.

But those who want Bergoglio to be the Pope — because they do not judge things according to the norm of Church law, but according to the opinions of the ecclesiastical circles in which they move or want to move — won’t accept this new decree.

When eating their crumpets, they insist Bergoglio is the pope, even though Benedict says he never resigned the spiritual reality of the papacy.

But when drinking their tea, they insist that Bergoglio has no power to alter the faith and therefore all which he does which disagrees with whatever sense of Catholicism they may still retain, is not official or political and not binding.

Theirs is a convenient conceit, which allows them to pretend a lot while pretending a lot.

It absolves them, conveniently too, of moving to remove him for heresy, apostasy or attacking the Church.

And, it also allows them to keep posing as leaders and asking for money while risking nothing.

There is a word for such a race of men, but it would be impolite to use it.

As for Catholics, we see the world in white and black, as our Lord taught us: Let your yes be a yes, and your no, a no!

We endorse the Catholic Party for America, the only hope, now that the Republican Party has imploded and turned against the people:

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3 thoughts on “Dear Tea-time Catholics: You cannot have it both ways!”

  1. This is no surprise about Bergoglio changing Canon Law regarding girls and women. This is a logical consequence to Paul VI suppressing the minor orders after Vatican II and the institution of the Novus Ordo. Now nearly everything in the NO is merely perfunctory. In fact, I remember talking about this exact thing during my time in major seminary over 30 years ago. Canon law also allows for a validly baptized Catholic to hear wedding vows with two other witnesses; allows for a layman to conduct a graveside service; and allows for a validly baptized Catholic to conduct baptisms under certain conditions. So, it is no surprise that Bergoglio will soon allow women’s ordination to the diaconate. It’s just a matter of time.

  2. Amen! And more proof of your point is that, yet, another young, devout, priest – this one in Colombia – has lost his faculties for announcing that he will no longer be celebrating masses in union with Bergoglio.

    His response:

    I thank Jesus for allowing me to unworthily taste a little bit, a drop, of his bitter cup, here, in this short life.

    Link to video:

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