6 thoughts on “The voice of Pope Benedict XVI never fades!”

  1. Thank You for the picture and words of Our Holy Father . It is always most comforting to see him and hear his words .
    I read something you wrote about hostility when you talk about His Holiness – I cannot understand why when I tell people he is Pope I am met with such hostility by people even when I tell them my evidence for this as nd that I have it on Good Authority. The opposition is astounding especially in the light of the other man . Oddly these same people do not like the other man at all but they refuse to see the Truth . I don’t understand it especially now as the communist invasion is in full force and the errors of Russia have spread . I see the tanks , spiritually speaking , rolling in and nations falling .
    How can faithful Roman Catholics not hear and see what is so obvious. Surely if they pray and follow a false shepherd they will be lost. What more do they want to see -? I don’t understand the denial and certainly not now . It’s like a scizophrenia ..it’s really odd.

    1. The people are punished for believing those whom they know to be liars (Main Stream Media), with an incapability of returning to the light. God warns us not to believe liars, but some people are stupid and forget God. And as the Psalm says, ALL THE NATIONS WHICH ARE FOGETFULL OF GOD SHALL BE CONVERTED UNTO HELL.

    2. “What more do they want to see?’
      Know that for the “hip” and “cool.” for the liberals and modernists, this is NOT a question but a retort or riposte. Buffered comfortably in their own little realms of self-congratulation, egocentrism, and hubris. it is unlikely they would even really see you, much less want to hear what you have to say Prefect Pontius Pilate’s infamous question (and it wasn’t rhetorical) “What is truth?” seems tame today: those in charge, as he once was, present themselves as omniscient. Truth is what they make it, but always subordinate to personal advantage. Their logic is demonic: If there is no heaven there is no hell; if there is no hell, there is no sin; if there is no sin, there is no judge, and if there is no judgement, then evil might as well be good and good might as well be evil. 

  2. Oh that is worrying – should we continue to tell them the Truth . I think they are blinded by false obedience and fear of making a mistake and being excommunicated or in schism. The message of Fatima refers to lightening from an angel being held at bay by Our Lady hand- lightening struck the vatican when Our Holy Father removed Himself elsewhere – the bodies in the ruined city I think aren’t bodies but souls led into Apostasy –

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