Social Media Blackouts are what we really need to defeat the NWO

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The blackouts of social media — whether by banning millions as Twitter or Facebook have done in recent days, or by shutting down the cloud hosting services of anti NWO social media platforms, such as Parler, or by overloading services which are not designed to handle but a few thousands, like CloutHub — are what the NWO believes is the most beneficial to their aim for total control.

They think this because they are hoping that social media isolation will produce a human subject more capable of manipulation and control.

But the opposite is rather the truth.  As a Cultural Anthropologist I know that humans have always thrived by reinventing social communications. That is our native ability.

If shut off of one media platform or another, the masses wills imply move to others.  Even nomads, who constantly move about, have a culture.

But we need to get beyond the dependence on social media or the internet, because IT WAS CREATED by the NWO for control.

They need it, because a few elite, who want to master, dominate and exploit the masses know that the masses will always hate them, and therefore they fear the people. Therefore, they need a universal system of surveillance, and what system is better and cheaper than one in which the cattle unwittingly tell their masters where they are, what they are doing and what they are thinking, or with whom they are cavorting?

As for the masses, they are better off without the internet, because they can thrive in liberty without observation and thus without control.

If the Masses are excluded from systems of control, all the better. The Elites will be taken down by those whom they will never see coming.

So do not lament or grow frightened that you are blocked or banned or removed from Social Media.  You should rather fear that you remain on it.

What you should be doing is rather returning to visiting, saluting, talking with those in your neighborhood, town, region. Renewing old friendships, visiting all your relatives, practicing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy to other persons in the real world. Spread the truth person to person, and measure it out in spoonfuls according to the psychological capacity of each person you speak with. Avoid arguments, be kind. People end up believing as credible those who are kind to them, not those  who pick arguments with them.

This would be to defeat the NWO, because it cannot be controlled. And that is why through TV and Social Media they are trying to make you fear from doing it, with a thousand lies.

What they really prefer is that you remain on social media and comply. In that way you will be reprogrammed to become the new Gestapo in their service.  This is already happening, and in 2021 we will see and more propaganda to convert those duped into those who do and practice violence towards those who are not dupled.

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2 thoughts on “Social Media Blackouts are what we really need to defeat the NWO”

  1. I’m thinking window signs, bumper stickers, etc. too, for the cause of freedom from this forced reset for which no one voted.

  2. Environmentally destructive Junk Renewable Energy technologies are destabilising electricity grid systems. Power outages and full blown blackouts are on the increase globally. Here in Ireland the electricity grid system operators of late have been on amber alert and the decommissioned coal power plants were apparently hot started. When the electricity power goes so does the ability to access the internet and social media. Funny how the various communications technologies that Mr. Globalist deploys to brainwash and control people will be rendered non operational when more and more electricity grid systems across the world start to crash due to the damage caused by too much unreliable unstable intermittent environmentally destructive renewable energy technologies in the mix. Has Mr. Globalist scored an own goal?

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