Trump speaks in Alamo, Texas! — Live!

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5 thoughts on “Trump speaks in Alamo, Texas! — Live!”

  1. I think He is visiting the town of Alamo, Texas in the southern part of the state of Texas. Not the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. He is going to visit the Wall construction area.

  2. I wonder if the four years of Donald Trump were only a sting operation to bring out the conservative, God loving, truth loving people, only to get them identified so that they can be rounded up later.
    He fast tracks a vaccine which sidestepped all ethics. We are the experimental guinea pigs.
    The middle class wiped out!
    The dollar inflated into oblivion! Which destroys the people’s buying power!
    We still have the abortion clinics and they are doing well, while the pro-lifers are looking at serious consequences. He promotes a vaccine with aborted baby tissue–really pro-life!!!
    Our sodomite loving President picks a Supreme Court justice who does not know which bathroom to send our children.
    We have virtually lost freedom of speech.
    And a woman, inspired by the worlds of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, wanting to see justice served to those who would destroy our country, herself pays the price, and what have we heard from our President about that?
    As a matter of fact, what have we really heard in opposition to any of the principles running the corruption in our country? Is it because our President has so few himself?
    These are just starters……

    1. That is a good list of red pills. But if Americans want to be free they can. They have been playing games with their enemies long enough.

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