Vatican to forcibly Vaxx Pope Benedict XVI?

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Since Pope Benedict XVI is so frail, and since there are so many bad side affects from these mRNA vaccines, this announcement is so ethical that it is tantamount to the highest ethical negligence.

No surprise then who makes the announcement and who is administering the vaccine.

Pope Benedict XVI is a very critical man. is assured that if he was fully informed he would chose to forgo this treatment and openly declare that he was placing himself in the hands of the Lord, rather than in the hands of Pfizer.

Since Pope Benedict was forcibly prevented from staying with his dying brother and has expressed himself that he is forcibly being required to stay in the Vatican rather than return to his homeland, the presumption is also that he is being forcibly vaccinated.

This is confirmed by the announcement last year, that Bergoglio wanted all in the Vatican vaccinated, even though he goes about without a mask and has not give notice that he himself will be vaccinated. But he has made clear, that his gospel is now that of Pfizer, not that of Jesus Christ, even going so far in recent days to say it would be a sin to refuse the Vaxx.

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5 thoughts on “Vatican to forcibly Vaxx Pope Benedict XVI?”

  1. NO one should be forcibly given a dangerous vaxx. All they are doing it telling the Catholic followers they have no choice. Sin? NO WAY!!!

  2. It sounds like some kind of satanic ritual to me – a vaccine prepared from the dna of a murdered child – the culmination of the ceremony described in the Windswept House.

    Please God send the Arc of the Covenant and all the Holy Angels and Saints to assist His Holiness and protect him 🙏

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