World War 3 has begin, and its goal is to establish the 4th Reich

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There has been talk since the beginning of the Cold War of the next World War. There have been many speculations about this, and they usually regarded armed nuclear war between the East and West.

But it increasingly looks like Adolf Hitler was better informed. As Anthony Sutton demonstrated and expounded in his many books, Adolf Hitler was a creature of the American Billionaires and banksters.

Hitler’s Mein Kampf, was a rehash of Henry Ford’s antisemitic writings. Hitler was recruited by Thyssen, who was in turn financed by the principal banks of New York City, to take over the coal and steal industries of post World War I Germany. IG Farben and other major industries in Germany were also bought or controlled from the U.S.A..  Involved at all key points of this process were the members of the Skull and Bones Lodge of Yale University, Connecticut, a lodge which itself was a filial of the Prussian Lodge of Berlin, Germany.

These close ties remain today, with Brown Brothers Harriman Bank being headquartered in lower Manhattan in a building owned by the former Postal Cooperative Bank of Nazi Germany.

I recite this history, which was exposed in 17 documentary videos on the Deep State at Ordo Militaris Radio TV, last fall, to help understand what Adolf Hitler said:  when asked in the final weeks of the Third Reich, if the Nazi party would ever return or recover. He affirmed that it would return in 100 years, but not as a political party, rather as a religion.

Hitler, you see, admired Islam as a religious system which was able to psychologically control and weaponize the masses for the political purposes of the State. It was that which is Waffen SS attempted to create, basing their concepts of exaggerated obedience upon Jesuit manuals written by Nazi collaborators of the Society of Jesus and with the encouragement of Nazi sympathizers in the Catholic Church.

Now, I am Catholic, and it is painful for me to think of such horrid treachery. But the lines of Freemasony in the Catholic Church, trace through Rampolla del Tindaro to the St. Gallen Mafia, and Nazi collaborators, to Argentina and those who supported the rise of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

But the Second World War, which was planned and financed in the Unite States by the Skull and Bones Lodge, was not intended as a war, but as a social experiment to see how to control the masses and to what extend that control could achieve absolute manipulation of a people, to the end of their own self destruction. To conceal this purpose, the USA recruited the Nazi spy and scientific networks after the war and allowed Hitler and many others to escape to Argentina and South America, while others hid in Belgium and Spain.

So you see, in a sense, the Nazi state was not conquered, and that those who controlled the US government were in fact not liberating Europe from the Nazi State at all. Once you understand that, you will under stand the purpose of the CIA and Gladio, as I have reported extensively here at FromRome.Info.

So now we have come to the consummation of days. The plot to take over the world for the elites, the Great Reset,  is but an extension of this Skull and Bones century long project to manipulate nations and histories and peoples to achieve absolute global and satanic domination of humanity.

To achieve this their chief arm is psychological warfare and we are presently being bombarded on all sides by psyops, in my opinion, which are designed to confuse and disrupt.

In this war, it is the those in the governments of the nations — especially in the secret services — which are orchestrating the attacks, while leaders intentionally and irrationally make decisions to terrorize or deprive citizens of their liberty, intel agencies are intentionally and deliberately releasing wave upon wave of fake news to make people believe the most absurd things — such as imminent military coups to deliver them from oppression or imminent military operations to hall them off to gulags.

However, it is clear that the one constant in all of this is to deprive us of liberty, force us to be vaccinated, demand of us to place more and more of our financial activity and daily life under the control and surveillance of the State or State actors, such as Big Tech which is financed and protected by the State, even while it persecutes politicians who speak against them.

There are a lot of actors and narratives being offered for our attention, and there is little evidence that most of them is true.  What is true is that we are being progressively enslaved on the excuse of a pandemic, and deprived of our constitutional rights, all the while the Main Stream Media presents an alternate reality of what is going on.

The one constant demanded of us is compliance, non action, isolation. — It is now time we realized what the tactics of our enemy are, and begin to do the opposite.

How to Pray — Part III

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this series on “How to pray”, I reviewed briefly how to prepare to have your prayers be heard in Part I, and how to begin praying in Part II.

In this third part, I want to talk about the most important foundation of Christian prayer: Smiling upon God, and His Angels and Saints.

True prayer is true communication, true relationship.

Not communication in the sense of chit-chatting or dialog. And not relationship in the sense of mundane every day affairs.

True prayer is founded upon our Baptismal dignity as adopted sons of God. We can pray better than all the Saints of the Old Tesament, better than all unbelievers, and better than even the Angels!  — Because we are the adopted sons of God.

Prayer is NOT about getting something from God, however.

In fact, if God is solely someone you use to get something, you are actually committing mortal sin by such a prayer and merit Hell. God is not to be used. That is abusive.

God rather, as all the Saints teach, is to be enjoyed. In fact, He is the only thing and one that one should enjoy. (Enjoyment is not meant here as pleasure, but as spiritual fulfillment).

Here, to understand these heavenly things, we need to use a parable.

Remember the parable of the prodigal son. He demanded his inheritance and went to squander it in a land of sin. But having spent it all and found himself miserable, he began to think of how good his father was and how his father would receive him back IF HE ASKED TO BE TAKEN BACK.

What was going on in the soul of that son, when he made the decision to return home?

He was remembering his good father with hope and joy.

And it is thus, that true prayer begins.

Because God the Father is a good father to us, indeed, the best of fathers.  If we neglect to consider Him in our souls and smile upon what we see, then we have not begun prayer with the right spirit or on the right foot!

Yes, your true prayers begin with a smile. Not the smile which is made with the facial muscles, but the smile which comes from the heart which loves a loving God, loves a loving Mother of God, loves a kind friend Angel or Saint.

Smile upon God. Smile upon Jesus Christ. Smile upon Our Lady standing at His right hand. Smile upon your favorite Saints, upon your favorite Angels.


Consider how good they are. How much they love you. How much good they have done for you. How much they want to help you. How glad they are to see you in prayer with them again.

And smile upon them, and upon all these things.

And already, you have begun and completed a most perfect prayer.

Because God knows better than we what we need. And indeed, what we need most of all is the grace to be realigned with His Will and do that upon this Earth.  And that is given, when we smile upon and rejoice in God.

Saint John of the Cross says that this act alone, of rejoicing in God, is the greatest and most meritorious spiritual act, for in it consists a foretaste of the joy of Heaven, our eternal Fatherland.

So if you think prayer is a bore, a tedious practice, a waste of time, you have not yet opened the window of your soul, and looked south, upon the rising Sun, and smiled upon those elisean fields where God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, live and reign in the company of all the Angels and Saints, for ever and ever.

But if you, when you look South, do not see the face of a loving God, but of an angry God, then you have some mortal sin or many sins on your soul and need to confess your sin and repent of it. Because what you are capable of spiritually is based on what you are spiritually. And when you are in sin and darkness, you can imagine but not feel the gladsome days of the Light.

Trump speaks to America, after being impeached the 2nd time

For those outside the U.S.A., “impeachment” means being accused by the House, the lower chamber of the U. S. Federal government. Both impeachments were highly partisan and neither was founded on fact. This second impeachment charges Trump of inciting violence, when abundant evidence shows that Antifa pre-organized the violence, before Trump even spoke. And there was certainly nothing in the talk by Trump to incite violence.

How Obama engineered the 2020 Election Fraud?

FromRome.Info does not endorse the contents of this video. We post it because it is currently being distributed far and wide as an explanation of what went on.  However, there are various aspects of this talk which don’t seem coherent with the speaker’s story, a Maria Zack (here).  For if such a crime took place, there would be no need for a private U.S. Citizen to ask for U.S. Government assets and use her own personal funds for the investigation. Also, there would be collaboration with the Italian government, so there is no need to worry about personnel arriving or leaving Italy.

FromRome.Info has previously published the affidavit of Auturo D’Elia, which however does not seem to substantiate all the claims or the specific charges of vote hacking. However, Italian Newspapers at the beginning of December broke the story about the hack, and thus, what this woman says about bringing the news to Trump on Christmas eve, does not sound credible, because US intelligence would have known about it weeks before.

For that reason, FromRome.Info does  not endorse this video, but posts it here as a warning to all, that there are major problems with the narrative presented by the speaker.

Renzi told Il Tempo that he is mobilizing his attorneys to take action to defned his reputation against the charges. But as Italian believe, things are not true unless they are denied.

In fact, the hacker charged by Maria Zack, a Serafini is not named in the Italian news stories, who name rather a Auturo D’Elia, who is reported under arrest for hacking the computers of Leonardo SpA, from 2015 to 2017.

Reuters reported last week that Auturo D’Elia was arrested after a 108 page indictment was handed down against him. They tell the story here.

FromRome.Info follows the general principal, that if any fact in a story is wrong, the whole is to be questioned. But this story seems to be a misrepresentation of a case in Italy to apply it to the debate over the US Election, in which machines used for Voting were demonstrated to be hackable in a recent Georgia State inquiry.

Finally, the fact that Maria Zack says she is raising money for this information gathering effort in Trumps favor, during her discourse, puts in doubt that her motives are what she claims to be.

Indeed, reports are that political action groups supporting Trump have disassociated themselves from this story.

Government Coalition Collapses in Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Matteo Rienzi, one of the key members of the ruling coalition of Giuseppe Conte’s coalition government of M5S (5 Star Movement) and PD (Democratic Party), has left the government, and the two Ministers of his alliance, have formally resigned.

Attorney Edoardo Polacco recounted the happy news:

Here is my summary in English:

This means that the sliver thin margin of majority in the Senate has dissolved. There is expected to follow a vote of no confidence, if the Government does not immediately resign.

It was widely rumored the the government was in danger of collapse for a variety of reasons: massive unpopularity on account of the Scamdemic; decision to accept a debt agreement from the EU which would make Italy an economic slave of the EU central bank, a fundamental disagreement on how to spend the 450 billion the EU bank granted, and the final blow: the revelations in court that Leonardo SpA, an Italian Military Contracter, which is partially owned by the Italian Republic, played a key role in overthrowing the US Elections by assisting in the transmission of fraudulent voter data to Dominion Voting Machines in several states.

But the reasons for Rienzi’s withdrawal from the government are even more significant. Here are some direct quotes by Rienzi.

“We must defend the Italian Constitution!”

“One cannot cancel the Italian Constitution”.

“One cannot create a Task Force which replaces Ministers of the Government”.

“One cannot do a show on FB in place of coming to speak in Parliament”.

“The executive decrees of this government are anti-constitutional.”

“No! to the theft of power by the government from the Parliament!”

“Conte is a populist who thinks of sympathy and followers and not of jobs.”

“Let us accustom ourselves anew to democratic forms. This government has cancelled the bi-cameral nature” of our Republic.

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