How Obama engineered the 2020 Election Fraud?

FromRome.Info does not endorse the contents of this video. We post it because it is currently being distributed far and wide as an explanation of what went on.  However, there are various aspects of this talk which don’t seem coherent with the speaker’s story, a Maria Zack (here).  For if such a crime took place, there would be no need for a private U.S. Citizen to ask for U.S. Government assets and use her own personal funds for the investigation. Also, there would be collaboration with the Italian government, so there is no need to worry about personnel arriving or leaving Italy.

FromRome.Info has previously published the affidavit of Auturo D’Elia, which however does not seem to substantiate all the claims or the specific charges of vote hacking. However, Italian Newspapers at the beginning of December broke the story about the hack, and thus, what this woman says about bringing the news to Trump on Christmas eve, does not sound credible, because US intelligence would have known about it weeks before.

For that reason, FromRome.Info does  not endorse this video, but posts it here as a warning to all, that there are major problems with the narrative presented by the speaker.

Renzi told Il Tempo that he is mobilizing his attorneys to take action to defned his reputation against the charges. But as Italian believe, things are not true unless they are denied.

In fact, the hacker charged by Maria Zack, a Serafini is not named in the Italian news stories, who name rather a Auturo D’Elia, who is reported under arrest for hacking the computers of Leonardo SpA, from 2015 to 2017.

Reuters reported last week that Auturo D’Elia was arrested after a 108 page indictment was handed down against him. They tell the story here.

FromRome.Info follows the general principal, that if any fact in a story is wrong, the whole is to be questioned. But this story seems to be a misrepresentation of a case in Italy to apply it to the debate over the US Election, in which machines used for Voting were demonstrated to be hackable in a recent Georgia State inquiry.

Finally, the fact that Maria Zack says she is raising money for this information gathering effort in Trumps favor, during her discourse, puts in doubt that her motives are what she claims to be.

Indeed, reports are that political action groups supporting Trump have disassociated themselves from this story.

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