The Geneticist Aleandra Herion-Caude speaks on the Covid Vaccines

Download this video immediately as copies of it are being destroyed on an hourly basis.


Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Claude is one the top experts of RNA in France

– she advises that the doctors that are speaking on the different media are only the “iceberg tip” while the rest of the ice berg is composed by a very lively medical community, not in line with what media are reporting: 30,000 doctors and 100,000 citizens are associated to counter the official narrative.
– the idea that the covid virus could have been produced in a lab was first totally rejected but now is being considered as possible in the mainstream – due to the fact that many doctors have expressed this position
– PFIZER had started the vaccination first in South Africa, where people are complaining that they are being treated as guinea pigs
– the clinic tests for PFIZER vaccine are still on going and will end in 2022
– their vaccine was supposed to treat mainly the severe cases of covid, which in fact it’s not the case
– based on figures from the French National Institute of Statistics, there has been only a small increase of the mortality in France in 2020, compared to previous years (from 1945 on) – see minute 17:30
– she and other colleagues of her have studied the increase of covid cases in France and elsewhere and they have found 3 different scenarios (minute 24)
  1) spike and then decrease
  2) nothing and then spike + decrease
  3) “U” curve
It results that the lockdown does not stop the virus spread, which naturally occurs and cannot be stopped. Once the virus has circulated, there is practically NO residual risk.
– the tests RTPCR are not reliable, since further analysis via genomic sequencing would be required, which is not done
– isolation of SARS-COV2 virus is not considered to be achieved by several medical experts since the standard “KOCH” protocol has not been followed : it should have been required to perform testing on such animals like pangolin which has not been done
– the narrative that asymptomatic people could be a risk for others has been contradicted by a study published on “Nature” conducted on 10 million people in Wuhan
– Dr. Didier Raoult has put in place a very effective diagnosis technique based on analysis of waste water, able to detect the presence of virus at early stage – before that the infected people has adverse effects
– PFIZER treatment is not a vaccine as such since based on RNA
it’s a madness to let people get PFIZER “vaccine” since injected RNA can combine, under certain circumstances, with human DNA. For example for people affected by HIV or by “spumavirus” which is not detected since it does not gives any symptoms.
there is a risk to transmit diseases to descendants
– PFIZER reports that 2.7% of treated people have had severe adverse effects resulting in impossibility to return to work. This is a huge percentage, much higher than the risks from covid !
– in France the authorities have set a treatment watchdog to monitor adverse effects from the vaccine, however only NEW forms of reactions are screened, not the ones already identified by PFIZER.
– those over 75 are not being tested, so the effect of the vaccine on them is unknown. They are the guinea pigs…
– PFIZER already was fined 2.3 billions of euros since they had provided false information on different treatments in the past (minute 50)
people who are vaccinated emits 6 times more covid viruses than non vaccinated people, so they become a danger for others. Moreover, the possibility to induce virus variations sensibly increases.
– there are different treatments that are very effective against covid, already tested.
(Many thanks to one of our readers in France for this summary)

How to know if you are serving the Antichrist?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

While the date of his birth and his identity are as of yet unrevealed, as the Apostle Saint John warned us 2000 years ago, the same spirit inspires all those who are his servants. Now while I could go into a lenghty description of it theologically, it can be simply expressed as this: the acceptance or toleration of lies.  So here is a checklist of what the spirit of the Antichrist wants, wills, says. If you are in agreement, then you are his disciple.

  1. It is not a sin to accept to be ruled by Freemasons.
  2. It is a mortal sin not to vote for Trump, but is is perfectly honest to call Joe Biden the president.
  3. Manliness is recognizing that you cannot do anything to change the world, and simply ought to practice your faith in private.
  4. Laymen are going to save the Church, but not by sponsoring a military intervention at the Vatican or overthrowing any Masonic government.
  5. It does not matter where you receive communion, because Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is just as good a cookie wherever you can get Him.
  6. Adolf Hitler was not as bad as everyone says.
  7. A Saint can make pedophiles Cardinals and allow the Vatican bank to wash money for the CIA and the Italian Mafia.
  8. Heaven is not a place, and Hell may be empty.
  9. Hand sanitizer is necessary, but Holy Water is optional.
  10. There is nothing in our religion which can protect us from Covid-19.
  11. The Pandemic is totally credible, even if Bill Gates, who is totally uncredible gives money to everyone who says that.
  12. The MSM are totally untrustworthy except when they say there is  a Pandemic.
  13. Trump is the only evil in the world, and Bergoglio is the greatest pope ever.

I will end the list there, as that is a suitable number.

The Left insists that when they are violent it’s peaceful and lawful

And never forget, the Left does think that Revolution is necessary:


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Restaurant and Gyms refuse Scamdemic controls in Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the video above Senator Gianluigi Paragone recounts, on the scene, the fining of a restaurant owner who refused to remain closed after 5 PM, last night.

Paragone opens by observing that when it is a problem of illegal immigrants or drug dealers, the police say, “We are too few to come and stop the problem”. But when there is one peaceful restaurant owner, who stands on his constitutional rights, 8 arrive to threaten him.

He recounts that 15 gyms in Italy have refused to close and are still open, despite constant harassment from the police.

Finally, the owners explain that they have received a fine for endangering the health of the public by keeping their restaurant open after 5 pm, when the virus is more active!

The owners insist that they need to keep their restaurant open so that they do not have to let go so many workers and thus financially damage so many families.

Here in Italy the anger of the people is rising exponentially daily, as now numerous authorities from professors of Constitutional law, justices of the peace, civil tribunals, and now a former Prime Minister have denounced the Scamemic controls as unconstitutional.

Even at the local stores, you can now here shoppers angrily denounce the controls for a disease which is no moer dangerous than a winter flu.

Senator Paragone closes by saying on Tuesday, there will be a vote of no confidence for the government of Giuseepe Conte. He affirms that he will vote against Conte in the vote in the Senate.

Here in Italy, in a parliamentarian system, a vote of no confidence if successful against the government, they partes already Parliament will have to form a new coalition approved by the President of the Republic. If they fail to form a government, Elections will have to be called by the President.




Cardinal Sandoval: The Pandemic will never end, that is their goal!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Download this video before Youtube erases it. FaceBook already byte burned the original, which contained the statement on the Scamdemic. What remains is the rest of the Cardinal’s comments, which are sufficient enough exposé.

In the first part of the video the former Cardinal  Archbishop of Guadalajara, Mexico exposes the Scamdemic for what it is. Zuckerberg could not stand it, and had the video erased within hours. This, now is the second part, which remains available.

Cardinal Sandoval participated in the Conclave which elected Pope Benedict XVI and retired in 2011.

English Translation of Transcript

(by the Mexican correspondant of FromRome.Info)

Another problem that comes upon us. Well, it is, the pretension of planting abortion in Mexico.

They don’t want to give up on this. They want to plant abortion in Mexico because it is part of the plan that is to be imposed on nations. It is part of the Deep State government, the hidden government, which who wants to attain a new order for a single world government, etc.

It has among its projects, abortion, to decrease the population by means not only of abortions, of homosexuals. That increase, of people who change their sex, all that looks toward: that the population, decreases.

It is a plan that comes.. it came out public, in the public light, in a way, let us say, in a way we would say, unashamedly, shamelessly with the Kissinger report, if you all remember.

Back there in 1994, Kissinger published a report where he proposed, shamelessly, abortion for Third World peoples because they are growing a lot and running out of resources, uh.. natural ones, that the people of the First World need and it is necessary to Implement abortion with all possible means: with money for the governments to bribe them with. And so that is how they are today: the governments follow the guidelines of the New World Order for the money that they are given or lent to for the support given to them so that they rise to power, etc. And the bribe that also comes with a threat to the health system, to the physicians. That’s why physicians hide so much the real reasons of this malady that

that.. threatens us and also, of what is the real care that they must deliver. Because they are controlled, threatened, paid, bribed and with the threat of having their title taken away, that is, their professional license, so that they cannot operate. All of this is happening In our world.

Well now, it turns out that the chamber of deputies proposed in days past, that, abortion be discussed, and of course, there are all the women in green, paid by Georges Soros to create propaganda in favor of abortion, to shout insults and threats against those who defend life, etc.

The president appearing to be of good intention instead said that the matter should be turned over to a public consultation, to a kind of national survey and it is looking good that this people, in its majority, Catholic and Christian, whom, of course, founded on their Faith in the Word of God, loves and defends life; the most precious gift that the Creator could ever give to us. The fundamental right and the most sacred one not be violated.

To prevent that a believing people becomes officially, a murderous one, by approving the abortion law, his proposal seems, very well then, a very good one, that [the matter] be turned to the People, that there be a consultation, and that the people speak, but, then a question remains.

Who is going to count the votes? Who is going to count the votes? because it is well known, everyone knows that to the voting machine, whether it be called “INE” [National Voting Institute], or whether it be called “young people” who are set to go all over the country to be distributed, etc., are very organized so that the one who pays them always wins that is to say, those who are in government.

Thus it is, that we do not let ourselves be deceived and be alert to defend this fundamental and sacred gift, of life. And that It may never be approved to “legally”  kill an innocent because it is the worse crime that could ever, worse crime, that could ever, worse of all crimes, that can ever be committed : to kill an innocent. And to close the doors to the future of a country. Without new generations, the country grows old and then, of course, must come euthanasia.

It is clear, because, who will maintain so many elderly if there are not young people working? The evils that abortion unleashes have not yet been experienced at large scale but they, in reality, are many, very many.

May god aid and help us, and let us not lose sight of the fact that there is a hidden global power that has come along working to reduce us in number. They have said it unashamedly, that, seven billion people are too many and that the population would have to be drastically reduced to  one billion, so they say. And Kissinger now proposes that idea and the whole case now then is a development, a growth, of the proposals of that perverse Kissinger who still wanders out there growing old and surely still feeding his ideas, these evil and perverse programs for the whole world, for family and for individuals.

Again, Happy New Year 2021 and may God Bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Former Italian Prime Minister: The Scamdemic Decrees are Unconstitutional

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The news is being censored on Google and, the  truth is that the former prime minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi, declared before the entire nation yesterday, that the Executive Orders (DPCM — Decreti del Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri) under which the entire Scamdemic in Italy has been pushed and established, “are unconstitutional”!

This is a stunning admission, since Matteo Renzi, president of the Italia Viva party, lead a party which was part of the Coalition Government, with no less than 2 Ministers in the Cabinet. He has intimate knowledge of the events step by step.

His admission therefore is a tremendous blow to Giuseppe Conte and the Yellow Green coalition government of M5S (5 Stars) and PC (Democrat Party).

It is also a mortal blow to the Great Reset in Italy.