Restaurant and Gyms refuse Scamdemic controls in Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the video above Senator Gianluigi Paragone recounts, on the scene, the fining of a restaurant owner who refused to remain closed after 5 PM, last night.

Paragone opens by observing that when it is a problem of illegal immigrants or drug dealers, the police say, “We are too few to come and stop the problem”. But when there is one peaceful restaurant owner, who stands on his constitutional rights, 8 arrive to threaten him.

He recounts that 15 gyms in Italy have refused to close and are still open, despite constant harassment from the police.

Finally, the owners explain that they have received a fine for endangering the health of the public by keeping their restaurant open after 5 pm, when the virus is more active!

The owners insist that they need to keep their restaurant open so that they do not have to let go so many workers and thus financially damage so many families.

Here in Italy the anger of the people is rising exponentially daily, as now numerous authorities from professors of Constitutional law, justices of the peace, civil tribunals, and now a former Prime Minister have denounced the Scamemic controls as unconstitutional.

Even at the local stores, you can now here shoppers angrily denounce the controls for a disease which is no moer dangerous than a winter flu.

Senator Paragone closes by saying on Tuesday, there will be a vote of no confidence for the government of Giuseepe Conte. He affirms that he will vote against Conte in the vote in the Senate.

Here in Italy, in a parliamentarian system, a vote of no confidence if successful against the government, they partes already Parliament will have to form a new coalition approved by the President of the Republic. If they fail to form a government, Elections will have to be called by the President.




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