6 thoughts on “DO NOT TAKE THE COVID VACCINES! say Doctors round the world”

  1. Dr. Pierre Kory, M.D. working in USA gives a recent interview about the successful use of Ivermectin in combination with 2 other medications for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.
    This is the M.D. who appeared before a USA Senate hearing on Ivermectin in the treatment of COVID-19. It is my understanding that this drug can now be used for COVID-19 because the FDA lifted it’s ban for trials only, even though they do neither endorse nor discourage its use.
    This might be of interest for those who are indisposed to receiving any of the vaccines for COVID-19. Information for your personal physician can be obtained at the site mentioned by Dr. Kory in the podcast :

  2. Before Christmas, in his Marseille public hospital, Dr. Louis Fouche says the administration threatened to fire him after he spoke to the media and questioned what he calls “government narratives.” Here’s an excerpt of what he said:

    “The idea that professional and medical secrecy have to be shattered, that your health is a kind of public good that everybody has to be aware of. Again, I invite you to think whether this is what you want.”
    “The guilty haste with which the government has started talking, and the parliament also has started talking, about a constitutional amendment in view of a total vaccination obligation, makes me think that something needs to be done right away.”
    “In France, this constitutional amendment has been on the parliamentary agenda as of November 26. This is slowly leading us to be in the situation of the white Khmers, a totalitarian situation on a techno-sanitaristic basis. We mustn’t be afraid or angry about it; we just have to say no, very, very clearly.”
    His final warning was a call to lucidity: “Caution invites you to refuse any totalitarian drift that would be linked with the vaccine idea itself: social credit, vaccination certificates under the skin, etc. All this should shock you to the highest degree, and you should refuse it at the risk of going toward a totalitarian dystopia. We have to stick together, we have to act, we have to write, we have to talk, we have to explain to people what I have just told you. You will see, the government and its medical and pharmaceutical acolytes, the political, economic, medical, and technocratic power behind it, will recoil, because that is the only thing they can do when confronted with common sense and peace. Maintain the balance of power. Refuse this vaccination.”

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