4 thoughts on “What did Mike Lindell say to President Donald Trump?”

  1. Thank you for posting this video. Mike Lindell is well known and respected in Pro-life and Conservative Circles. I did not know that he was so intensely involved in the struggle for truth regarding the 2020 USA Presidential election. I hope that this account of his presenting the evidence of fraud to Trump directly will be widely shared.

  2. Here is the contradiction in Donald Trump, it is obvious that election fraud was committed and accolades to Mike Lindell. Yet on the other hand Trump promotes a fraudulent vaccine like it is the best thing since sliced bread. Not only a fraudulent vaccine, but a vaccine (or more properly called a bio-chemical agent) which could take my life, has taken lives, and has crippled. I am greatly threatened by this. So what is a person to say about this? Are we to defend a person who is a victim of fraud who also in the same time is defrauding us? What kinds of fools does he think we are? As for my part, I do not watch Jerry Springer, neither pro wrestling. But for the Donald’s part, I await his new job in the World Wide Wrestling Federation.
    Fr. Armes

  3. I doubt that Trump knew even as much as the average housewife about vaccines when the COVID-19 virus appeared. He consulted the biggest names in virology and disease control in the US and got busy backing their efforts to make a vaccine which most of them believed was the answer to stopping the spread. He took the precautions for declared pandemics which were presented to him . He provided equipment and more hospital space where indicated. I think he did his best with the information provided to him by professionals. If you do not want the vaccine, don’t take it. It is still being advised by the medical profession who are taking it themselves for the most part. They are still working on treatments ..the vaccine is not a treatment..it s a prevention. Ivermectin was just approved for treatment by the NIH…for prevention and treatment in combination with a few other medications, all repurposed for COVID-19 and showing promising results. Recall that COVID-19 is believed to be a gain of function, that is ‘worked-on’ virus to enhance it’s ability to be very serious. So, it is new in that sense, and we are faced with a novel virus for which no specific treatment or cure was available.
    The mRNA vaccines produced in the USA are the first of this kind of vaccine, and yes they are being regarded in the medical community a ‘the best thing since sliced bread’. Some folks are more scared of them than they are of the virus. I hope these folks are wrong. I can only listen with the rest of us, including Trump, and choose who we want to believe, and weigh or risks in deciding what to do.

    1. Maureen, I think you have a political condition, it is called PRES, Presidential Republican Excuse Syndrome. I want to help cure you of it How many times have I heard people say about a president, “well, he just does not know any better”, or “he just has a lot of bad people around him but he is just one good person trying to do his best”. I have heard this for close to the past 40 years as I have been involved in politics and the Christian faith. One notable example is a book by Curtis Dahl, “FDR, my exploited grandfather”. Well sure, as the Scriptures say, “deceiving and being deceived”.
      First of all, the Frontline Doctors exploded the fraud of the Corona virus as they brought forward the real cure, HCQ, zinc and zithromycin. Amazing how this cure is hidden, why?
      Second, in the production of these experimental biological agents (improperly called vaccines), they Unethically! skipped the animal experimentation phase in order to fast track it. Why the need to fast track anything when a cheap and effective cure is already available?
      Thirdly, Trump promotes Fauci as this brilliant medical mind. Dr. Sara Emmanuel of the Frontline Doctors called him out for his lack of practical experience!
      Next, these vaccines use aborted baby fetal tissue, obtained from a live Caesarian section. So much for Trump being pro-life.
      Remember, the American medical profession threw out the Hippocratic Oath over 50 years ago, when abortion became accepted in this country. So this puts a serious doubt when it comes to trust in the intentions of doctors.
      Which then brings us to the crux of the issue. To quote Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, (deceased), former head of the pediatrics dept. of the University of Chicago, “Modern medicine is neither an art nor a science. It is a religion.” (Confesssions of a Medical Heretic). The state of America today is ripe for tyranny. It has cast God aside in all of its institutions and replaced faith in Him with faith in the pluristic, Gnostic God of Freemasory, as promoted by our first Masonic President, George Washington. At the formation of our government under the US Constitution, no faith was established, leaving a vacuum which Masonic Gnosticism filled. George Washington died at the hands of Dr. Benjamin Rush, himself a Mason too. American is now rushed to the hospital and put on ventilators instead of HCQ in much the same manner that Washington was blood letted by Dr. Rush, with much the same results!
      I liken this situation to Moses and the serpent in the wilderness. There is a cure to the bite, HCQ, zinc and zithromycin, but it is your faith which will take the action to swallow the pill.

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