Germany to reopen “Dachau”

Germany to repurpose camps for illegal imigrants. The New use will be to concentrate citizens who refuse the Scamdemic.

If the German government actually believes Covid is a pandemic, its decision to put those who refuse masks and vaccines in a concentration camp is tantamout to putting them in a death camp.

Dachau has reopened!

The Fourth Reich is returning to its Final Solution!

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3 thoughts on “Germany to reopen “Dachau””

  1. No surprise. Germany invented the Concentration Camp in Southwest Africa/Namibia starting in 1904. Merkel is behind all of this, and it is worth the time to do some research into her lineage and background. Apart from that, do not believe for a second that this type of thing won’t happen here in the US. And no, your AR-15 or Glock won’t stop it…

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