Marxist Dictatorship in D. C. purges US Military of Trump supporters

If this was not news, you would think it was a bad novel.

But a political purge of the military is necessary if you intended to use the military to attack the civilian population.

All Marxist regimes kil about 16% of of the entire national population. Looks like Biden is planning the same thing.

In the U.S.A., that would amount to 48 million human beings.

And all the Conservative leaders are currently preaching non-violence.

The people meanwhile are buying up every gun and bullet which can be found for sale.

Americans fear what is coming, but have no idea what is coming. This was not just another little election fraud. This was a Marxist coup d’etat. American ended on January 6, 2021. The future is Venezuela.

Oh, and there will be a massive devaluation of the U. S. Dollar, as those outside the USA now realize that the Dollar is not worth the paper it is written on, without the U. S. constitution.

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2 thoughts on “Marxist Dictatorship in D. C. purges US Military of Trump supporters”

  1. Even though DOD put out that the Rules of Engagement say the use of deadly force is authorized, I highly doubt that ANY of these National Guardsmen have ammo issued to them. I think this is a left wing media psyop. The last time National Guard troops had loaded weapons and killed people was 1973 in Ohio at Kent State University. Those troops were under the command and control of the governor.

    This whole situation in Washington DC smells to high heaven.

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