Italian Government teeters on vote in Senate tonight

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

UPDATE: The Government received 156 votes, 5 short of 50%, at the late hour of 10:33 P.M. Rome time of 321 senators, of which 312 were present. There were 140 opposed, the 16 remaining abstained. It seems that the 6 senators for life voted for the Government, though they rarely are present for votes at other times.

The ruling coalition in the Italian Parliament is in a crisis. Two ministers resigned last week, and called for a vote of no confidence.

Yesterday, the Government sustained a vote of confidence in the Camera — the lower house — obtaining 9 votes more than 50%.

Tonight comes the vote in the Senate. It seems that the Government will get less than 50% but still more than all voting for no confidence.

During the 11 hour debate, Matteo Salvini delivered a diatribe against Conte and his government, concluding by quoting a member of the 5 Star Movement who had said, that “Senators for life either die too young or too late”, so as to cause those Senators for live called from retirement to vote for Conte, to consider whether they are being courted for their votes out of respect or under threat.

At which quip the hall erupted in thunderous noise, applause from the opposition and violent shouting from the ruling coalition which rose to demand that the president of the Senate take the remaining time away from Salvini.

In such a case, the surviving Government in the next few days will have to make deals with the Senators who are abstaining or opposing the vote of confidence. There will be thus several votes on minor issues to see if the Government can function. If not the crisis will continue, until either the ruling coalition proves it cannot do anything in Parliament or they may personal or private concessions to individual senators to convince them to vote their coalition agenda for the next months until another crisis arrives.

This is good for the Italian people, since the decrees imposing the Scamdemic need to be converted into laws, and without at least 50% support in the Senate that cannot happen.

If the government in succeeding weeks is unable to pass any laws, then theoretically the President of the Republic will have to call upon Parliament to propose a stronger coalition or failing that, call for elections. The opposition is in a strong position, because new elections would undoubtedly bring a ruling government which was very strong and opposed to the deeds of Giuseppe Conte’s government during the Scamdemic, and that would be very perilous for many who are currently in parliament, not to mention the President of the Republic himself.

UPDATE as of 10:40 PM Rome time: Conte having survived the vote of no confidence will present himself tomorrow at the Presidency to ask the President leave to form a new cabinet. Renzi, who moved the vote of no confidence with his 2 ministers’ resignation, will now  be outside the government. And Conte’s 3rd term as Prime Minister will be based on the razor thin margin of 156 to 140, with 16 senators up for grabs at any time for both factions. — This means that it is likely that the Government will enter another crisis shortly, if the opposition succeeds in recruiting the abstainers.

FromRome.Info invites you to be a reporter about events in the USA

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

FromRome.Info was founded to bring you news from Rome which was not making its way into the U.S.A.. But now, seeing that the American Republic has fallen, and Big Tech and Big Net companies are censoring all news and pushing only the 100% upside down reality being asserted by the far left it is a necessity, that the world know of the outrages of civil, human, natural and constitutional rights being committed in the U.S.A, by the Nazi-Marxist government coagulating around Joe Biden, the Catholic apostate.

For that reason, FromRome.Info invites U. S. residents to become our anonymous reporters inside the 4th Reich and send us reports and or links to independent media who are telling the story with words, images, video, etc..

As a U. S. native citizen, I am appalled at what I see, but being well informed about the history of the 3rd Reich, I know how bad things can get and how quickly.

The U.S.A. has scarcely an idea of what is coming. And every week will bring new shocks. For this reason it is important to  get the story out so that freedom loving people everywhere can be on the alert to similar tactics in their own countries, and so that the forces of freedom and be encouraged from overseas to support liberty in the U.S.A..

The American Republic has fallen. I pray that the American Liberation Movement begin to rise. By being an anonymous reporter you can do your part to make that happen by encouraging others to stand against the rising tyranny.

See the About Page or Contact Page here at FromRome.Info for more information.

CREDITS: An image of the flag of the United Socialist States of America, for sale on Amazon.

U.S. Military taking over seats of government in USA

This is how democracy dies.

The Vatican is lobbying to Keep Conte as Prime Minister in Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Italian government is in crisis. The former PM, Matteo Renzi called for a vote of no confidence. Yesterday, the government of Giuseppe Conte sustained a vote of confidence in the Camera with 9 extra votes over a simply majority.

Today, the vote goes to the Senate, where Conte’s majority only had a 3 vote margin. With the loss of Matteo Renzi, a senator for life, the question is a live one. There is much advantage to everyone to getting rid of Conte, because now that the EU has given Italy 450 billion, there are many who want to be those who decide how it is spent.

Conte is particularly hated in the Senate, because he has begun to rule as a dictator and shown that he does not even care what the Parliament thinks before he decrees more ordinances. Since Conte is not a Senator or a member of the Camera, but someone who was never elected, his rise to power out of no where and his dictatorial form of government is particularly offensive to those who made it a career to arrive in the Senate.

The desperation and risk for the Globalists to lose Conte is being felt in the extreme at the Vatican, where the Secretary of State is making numerous phone calls to Italian Senators to urge them to vote to maintain the Freemason Conte in power.

Conte has let all the Mafia out of prison and is importing illegals as fast as he can to replace the Italian people with Muslims and those who will vote for any dictator like himself. For the Vatican, historic center of western civilization, the support of Conte in this last hour shows the extremity of the diabolic spirit which now resides there.

It is already clear to anyone who wants to see it, that Pope Benedict XVI is imprisoned in the hands of extremely evil men, who are not in communion with the Catholic Church in anything but names and liturgical vestments.

As our Lady of Fatima said: Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.  If Bergoglio is not him, he certainly is the one building his throne.

4th Reich visibly rises in Washington D. C.

You Tube wants you to know they approve of the new Reich, seemingly with the code they give his video: which contains in order the letters B L M.

Here 60 Minutes presents the official Reich narrative, in which they let slip, the fact that the tight security, never before seen in the USA, was planned ahead of time. Planned for what?

The feigned solemnity of patriotism in the narrators voice and face are so unlike him, as everyone who has watched 60 minutes for years know. It is strained to the extreme by a man who know he is acting out propaganda, not  reporting facts or truth.

Surrender follows, if ‘being peaceful’ alone is legitimate

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If there is one thing amazing about modernity it is its infestation with the lice of cowards and cowardice.

But not just any kind of coward. Modern cowards are pretentious, vain, bloated windbags of pride and deceit.

They put themselves forward as the spokesmen of righteousness, and they parade their do nothing attitude towards injustice as holiness.

The feckless lot of false pastors and false leaders seems everywhere today. In the Church — who can forget John Paul II apologizing for the Crusades? — and in the State: like when President Trump, being betrayed by his own Vice President, the day after concedes to his opponent whom he beat handily!

What is it that makes moderns so insufferably insane cowards?

If the only thing legitimate left to do in the face of gross injustice, is being peaceful or tolerant, then of necessity there is nothing left for you to do, dramatically, than surrender to your enemies.

This is modern concept of high justice, and it is as much a laughable farce as it is a suicide pact.

Why are moderns such cowards?

A man cannot fight if he no longer thinks he has dignity. Dogs and the self indulgent, for this reason, readily accept a master over them. And modern man has forsaken his true Master, who ennobles him: Jesus Christ. After rejecting eternal life, there is no hope left except servitude.

As a man of God, I tell you not to listen to these idiots, cowards and liars. Both against the Scamdemic and against Marxist usurpation of the presidency in the U.S.A., everyone has the right to self defense, a right which includes under the present circumstances armed insurrection and rebellion.

To say anything else, would be to deny the examples of the Saints from King David down to the Cristeros of Mexico.

The irony is, that those who are wont to speak of these great men, are often the ones to surrender first.  Traditional Catholic talking heads in America have just amply shown that: those who in October were yelling, “It would be a mortal sin not to vote for Trump” are now openly calling Biden, “Mr. President”.

A feckless lot of damned idiots. Those who follow their doctrine have chosen — though they ignore it — a train ride, leading only to one earthly destination: Dachau.

CREDITS: The entrance to Dachau Concentration camp, guarded by members of the U. S. Army in 1945 after liberation.