4th Reich visibly rises in Washington D. C.

You Tube wants you to know they approve of the new Reich, seemingly with the code they give his video: which contains in order the letters B L M.

Here 60 Minutes presents the official Reich narrative, in which they let slip, the fact that the tight security, never before seen in the USA, was planned ahead of time. Planned for what?

The feigned solemnity of patriotism in the narrators voice and face are so unlike him, as everyone who has watched 60 minutes for years know. It is strained to the extreme by a man who know he is acting out propaganda, not  reporting facts or truth.

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2 thoughts on “4th Reich visibly rises in Washington D. C.”

  1. I do know what- if anything- Trump will do before noon tomorrow. However, I am reading a lot of chatter on the web. We’ll find out tomorrow. Trump is not one to tip his hand.

    1. He is not going to do anything. As Our Lady said in 1917, consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart is the only means of salvation for the World. — The fact that Our Lady came to save Russia, kind of implies that America will be lost, at the full tide of the crisis.

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