Surrender follows, if ‘being peaceful’ alone is legitimate

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If there is one thing amazing about modernity it is its infestation with the lice of cowards and cowardice.

But not just any kind of coward. Modern cowards are pretentious, vain, bloated windbags of pride and deceit.

They put themselves forward as the spokesmen of righteousness, and they parade their do nothing attitude towards injustice as holiness.

The feckless lot of false pastors and false leaders seems everywhere today. In the Church — who can forget John Paul II apologizing for the Crusades? — and in the State: like when President Trump, being betrayed by his own Vice President, the day after concedes to his opponent whom he beat handily!

What is it that makes moderns so insufferably insane cowards?

If the only thing legitimate left to do in the face of gross injustice, is being peaceful or tolerant, then of necessity there is nothing left for you to do, dramatically, than surrender to your enemies.

This is modern concept of high justice, and it is as much a laughable farce as it is a suicide pact.

Why are moderns such cowards?

A man cannot fight if he no longer thinks he has dignity. Dogs and the self indulgent, for this reason, readily accept a master over them. And modern man has forsaken his true Master, who ennobles him: Jesus Christ. After rejecting eternal life, there is no hope left except servitude.

As a man of God, I tell you not to listen to these idiots, cowards and liars. Both against the Scamdemic and against Marxist usurpation of the presidency in the U.S.A., everyone has the right to self defense, a right which includes under the present circumstances armed insurrection and rebellion.

To say anything else, would be to deny the examples of the Saints from King David down to the Cristeros of Mexico.

The irony is, that those who are wont to speak of these great men, are often the ones to surrender first.  Traditional Catholic talking heads in America have just amply shown that: those who in October were yelling, “It would be a mortal sin not to vote for Trump” are now openly calling Biden, “Mr. President”.

A feckless lot of damned idiots. Those who follow their doctrine have chosen — though they ignore it — a train ride, leading only to one earthly destination: Dachau.

CREDITS: The entrance to Dachau Concentration camp, guarded by members of the U. S. Army in 1945 after liberation.


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7 thoughts on “Surrender follows, if ‘being peaceful’ alone is legitimate”

  1. That’s right. They were always lukewarm, cowardly, Biden-scum to begin with. And you know what else they have in common?? That Bergoglio is the true Pope.

    They accepted the illegitimate Pope as legitimate, so why wouldn’t they accept the illegitimate president as legitimate?

  2. Brother, I completely agree with you. However, I am retired- on disability. My wife is a full-time housewife and homeschooler for our son. We live on only what we need…we fulfill very few wants. I wish I could do more, but my body is broken after three decades of military service as a “weekend” warrior, and twenty years in law enforcement.

    When one factors out the Left who feed at the public taxpayer trough as well as all truly disabled folks, and the elderly, who is left to fight against the Left and the Deep State?

    As to fighting for the Church… My wife and I have chosen to homeschool our son- which includes using only the Baltimore catechism, and attending ONLY the TLM. I do not give any support to Novus Ordo priests other than my prayers.

    My wife and I have chosen to live as far off the grid as we can.

    I spent years before marriage fighting the modernist, post Vatican II apparatus. I felt like the deep state of the Church was far to powerful for ex-seminarian. The Novus Ordo ran me off and put my vocation into the dust bin of Church history. May God alone be their judge. I shook the dust from my “sandals” as testimony against all those heretical lay professors, nuns, and priests- bishops notwithstanding.

    My vocation is to my sacramental marriage.

    I have paid my dues. Perhaps it is time for others to step up to the plate.

    God bless you!

    1. What you say is true of many families. My own parents were given evil counsels by several priests and never knew it until years later I showed them the teaching of the Church. Our family survived by insulating itself from the clergy, even though for most of our lives we never even knew of the TLM since on account of our self isolation we did not even know of the TLM movement. But thus we kept the faith. I remember the tears which came to my mom when I showed here a TLM Missal one day: THIS IS THE FAITH, she exclaimed. And then the next day she dug out of her closet a Missale she had purchased at Rome on her honeymoon trip, saying: this is the true Mass, why did they take it away! But I realized that though we have a hughly powerful opponent, we nevertheless must continue to fight. And alas, the TLM in the USA was started by a Skull and Bones man and much of it is infiltrated, on that account, by the CIA and deep state, which is why they wont let go of Bergoglio as their pope, because he too is CIA.

      1. “And alas, the TLM in the USA was started by a Skull and Bones man and much of it is infiltrated…” — Did you make a video on this? If so, which one? Thanks.

  3. Dachau in Bavaria outside of Munich had a special “priest block.” Some 2800 clergy were imprisoned (and many died) there, along with anti-Nazi Roman Catholic German royalty. They did not renounce their dignity (as you say) or deny the Faith which they knew to be true and right. They didn’t forsake the “true Master.”

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