U.S. Military taking over seats of government in USA

This is how democracy dies.

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9 thoughts on “U.S. Military taking over seats of government in USA”

  1. These types of military units were formed by DOD after 9/11 to respond on extremely short notice to respond to and contain an NBC or biological event. The Alabama National Guard deployed one of these units to the City of Mobile’s Mardi Gras at the request of the City of Mobile. I know because I am a retired police officer from there.

    Please stop panicking!

    1. Why do you compare the use of such units then and now, adding not to panic? Can you not see that there is no reason now to deploy them?

      1. The psychological mechanism of denial is difficult to break through.
        If lack of information is the only problem , then getting away from main stream media and finding the new, more accurate, more honest and better informed media sites would help very much to see the problem.
        It seems that about half of the nation, and a much higher number of Republicans see the problem. They saw the problem coming from afar, that is why the elected Trump in 2016, and why they say they elected him in 2020.

      2. These units get frequently called up to assist and support law enforcement. A terrorist attack is always something both law enforcement and the military prepare.

  2. I got a call from an older priest who has done his research on QAnon (given the recent fake news going around) and he decided to read every word of every executive order that Trump has signed since the 6th of January. He is now 100% sure that tomorrow at 12 noon Easter Standard Time, Trump will be sworn in for four more years. I could not believe this was coming from him.

    He said if you were to go back and verify everything QAnon had said (make sure you exclude the information that was not actually said by QAnon), he said, everything is actually very logical and has made absolute perfect sense especially in light of what has happened until now. He said the US Marshalls that were sworn in today can actually enact law and make arrests. This makes no sense in light of a virtual inauguration scheduled tomorrow, but it makes total sense in light of the executive orders that Trump has signed and everything QAnon has said about Trump going through military tribunals to arrest deep state elites. He said Trump has pretended to depart peacefully, but it is going down exactly as it was said the whole time.

    I told Father that if this does not happen as he has said, that he is a liar and a conspirator. He did not care, and even added that the media has been publishing misinformation and repetition since the steal went through, but especially for the last 3 days.
    They’ve ignored everything Trump is doing. Anyway, we will see.

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