Bannon and Giuliani rail at the Usurpation

Bannon was pardoned this morning by Donald Trump, as one of his last acts of office, for having ripped off a charity which was raising money to build the Wall.  And Giuliani is the lead counsel who filed the 30+ cases in such a bad manner that they all failed and were thrown out.

But what Bannon says is correct. Trump had millions at his inauguration, and Biden had tens of thousands.  But Trump’s were human beings.  Biden had flags.

Now we know who voted for Biden. — You can see them at the Inauguration in this photo:

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2 thoughts on “Bannon and Giuliani rail at the Usurpation”

  1. Our Lady warned the world repeatedly of the calamity which has now befallen us.
    It now appears that God’s permissive Will is allowing a black cloak to cover the entire world- the Church included.
    Our Lady warned us that very soon all we would have is the Rosary to hold onto.
    Our Shepherds have abandoned the sheep, and our politicians have done the same.
    Another war is coming. And it will be so much more than WWII. And, the Church will implode and collapse in on itself. But not due the Faithful, but to those who have usurped the Chair of Peter.
    Pope Benedict remains correct in his views that moral relativism and modernism will lead many straight to Hell.
    Prayer and reparation to Our Lord’s Most Sacred Heart and to His Mother’s most Sacred Heart. Oh, my, how Heaven is weeping for all the lost souls!

  2. You are right Brother Al.
    The Immaculate Heart was ignored; and so long as ignored, war and death will be our fate. We have an Antipope and now a faux President. And XI Jinping is now the de facto head of the former republic of America, it would appear.

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