It is blasphemy to say a Pope would allow this

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FromRome.Info rarely links to journals which claim to be Catholic and yet blaspheme all the day long, 24/7, by claiming, asserting and even defending the thesis that Jesus the Good Shepherd would give us a Vicar who would hand us over to slaughter. The author of the above article does that, but FromRome.Info links to this article for the sake of the news, not the blasphemy that Journal promotes.

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One thought on “It is blasphemy to say a Pope would allow this”

  1. Extract from one of the referenced articles.
    ‘Tom Tugendhat, the chair of the foreign affairs select committee, said the “vote was not about whether the courts or parliament decide on genocide. It’s already the courts who decide. The question is whose courts. The international courts are blocked, so this a way for the British people to take back control of our laws and our conscience.”…’
    ‘Responding to the defeat Alton, the co-sponsor of the amendment in the Lords, said: “The fight does not end here. We will continue to do all we can to ensure that Uighurs and other victims of alleged genocide have a route to justice through UK courts.” He said the revised amendment would seek to “meet the perfectly reasonable argument that, once the court has reached a determination of genocide, parliament should then be able to vote on the revocation of a trade deal with the country concerned”.Helena Kennedy, the Labour peer and human rights lawyer, said: “I know that colleagues across all parties will not accept the loopholes in our existing systems which allow perpetrators of genocide to escape with impunity. The work to bring an improved amendment to the House of Lords begins immediately.”…’

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