One thought on “The CCP genocide of Uyghur people”

  1. Where next? 2-3 million Uyghur people in a concentration camp is about half the population of the island of Ireland! According to that interview, China is after the resources of the homeland of the Uyghur people, a country that is strategically located in China’s plan to build a rail network to Europe. The island of Ireland is strategically located between the continent of America and the continent of Europe and the U.K. Wake up the Western World!
    The interviewee said that Europe looked to international bodies to define Genocide. Does Europe lack the sovereignty and autonomy and intelligence to decide for itself what is genocide?!
    By the time the Uyghur Tribunal comes to a conclusion on whether the Uyghur race has been subjected to genocide it may well be too late.
    What happened to protecting International Human Rights in the meantime?
    Surely violation of the International Human Rights of the Uyghur people and other ethnic and religious groups by China is a good enough reason to block trade with China.
    Instead of waiting for the results of the Uyghur Tribunal those aware of the crimes against the Uyghur people, those with a conscience should send China a clear message by refusing to buy Chinese products and produce and instead opt to buy indigenous goods wherever possible.
    Is the future culture of Humanity going to become one big giant bowl of blancmange?
    Has Humanity been reduced to accepting crimes against humanity and genocide as an everyday norm? Where’s the humanity in that?!

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