Why Renzi abstained from voting

SUMMARY in English:  Francesco Amodeo in this short commentary remarks that Matteo Renzi, after leaving the government last week and precipitating a vote of confidence in Parliament, abstained from voting against the Government in the Senate last night for one reason alone:  to vote against the government would lead to elections in which he would lose, to vote for the government would be to approve what he disapproves of, but to abstain would put him in a position of being the necessary barganing chip in every vote in the Senate for the duration of Conte 3.0..

Amodeo holds that Renzi is part of the Bilderberg group, and Conte allied with China, but he fails to realize that Renzi and Conte are both Bilderberers. And that is the real reason he did not vote against Conte in the Senate. Indeed, the 16 senators who did abstain, if they had voted against the government, would have given the opposition and equal number of votes as the Government, which would have caused the vote of confidence to fail. However, it seems that Renzi only controls 11 votes in the Senate, so it appears his attempt to topple Conte has failed for lack of his ability to recruit allies.

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