Trump and the Patriot Party: 2 Fraudsters to enslave America

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Big League Politics is rushing to do what they can to keep Americans enslaved to the NWO, with an article entitled, “President Trump Contemplates Ditching the GOP, Staring new ‘Patriot Party’ to Put America First”. (Click image above to read the article).

The title seems enticing. But it is just another big fat lie.

The truth of the matter is that Trump has nothing to do with the Patriot Party. Or rather, the Patriot Parties.

That is right, there are several Patriot Parties, and not all of them are political parties. And there is absolutely no evidence Trump has anything to do with them.

First, there is the Patriot Party, headquartered in Florida, founded in 2018 and with two registered trade marks for the name, “Patriot Party”. It was founded it appears by Donald Magyar of Winter Springs, Florida. One trade mark is for party membership, the other is for the sale of goods and services in relation to that. He actually registered the name in March of 2006, but that registration was superseded by his 2018 filing. He even has a Linkedin page, which seems never to have been used. His party seems to have a few members in Winter Haven, but that it is. There is no evidence that it is associated with the symbol of a Lion.

Then, there are or were 5 parties or entities using the name “Tea”,  “Patriot”, and “Party” in their names: the Tea Patriot Party of Witchita, KS; the Shenandoah Valley Tea Party Patriots, of Fishersville, Virginia; the North Houston Tea Party Patriots, of Oak Ridge, Texas; and the Texas Tea Party Patriots, of Magnolia, TX, which were actually a Political Action Committee, it seems. The others were engaged in merchandising or education-activism.

Then there was the Patriots Party, of St. Petersburg, Florida, filed as a trade mark by the Tyson Street Partners, a NC corporation, but abandoned last spring.

Then, the final two rivals:  Gary L Stevens, of Dunlap, IL, who filed on December 23, 2020, for the trade mark, “Patriot Party”, and “The Patriot Party”, claimed by BOS4LLC of  Queen Creek, Arizona, who filed on Dec. 6, 2020, to sell hats and sweatshirts. This last one appears to be the group using the Lion and having opened social media accounts all over the USA in November and December. And this is the name which appears to being used fraudulently.

The AZ group, which is a merchandising effort, not a political party — as far as I can discover — appears to be the one which is being represented online (at least they are using their trade mark, “The Patriot Party”) by a group of Jewish political activists, mostly women, with support of members in Israel. They are highly pro Israel, which is why they seem to use the symbol of the Lion of Judah. They also use images of Julius Caesar establishing the Roman Empire, with the face of Donald Trump on Caesar. They are highly funded, experienced and organized. But they do not seem in any way to have anything to do with the Patriots of the American Revolution, with the United States, or with the culture, tradition or politics of the United States. — It would not be joke to suspect, that by “the Patriot Party”, they mean Israeli Patriot Party.

This is the group which is associated with a political satire social media operation using the name Catturd. In fact, it seems that Catturd launched the idea of the Patriot Party. I have found no evidence that Catturd is associated with the real Patriot Party of Florida, and having contacted the Party, they have admitted no relationship with any other group. In fact, the Florida Party appears to be associated with an effort to defend marriage from a humanistic religious point of view, and has nothing to do with Trump either.

Several individuals on social media have pointed out to this group that they are transgressing the trademark of the political party in Florida, but they seem not to care. In my book, that is Fraud. It is also fraud to present yourself as a political party, when you are only a merchandise operation.

I am not aware if anyone else using the name “Patriot Party” is aware that they are violating the trade mark of the Florida Political Party. As for Big League Politics: they should do their research before trying to launch something which belongs to someone else.

As for Trump, what kind of idiot would vote for a man who, when he won the presidency, surrendered!  Under what other conditions would he ever claim to win a second time?

Normally, one does not vote for a loser. And the worst kind of loser is one who wins but gives up to a real loser.

I think this tweet says everything, from a Christian point of view:

The USA has seen a long ling of beta male protestant Republicans: Bush Jr., McCain, Romney and now Trump.. Enough already!



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6 thoughts on “Trump and the Patriot Party: 2 Fraudsters to enslave America”

  1. Wow. It seems then that the Party System as we knew it in America has died. It is therefore outdated and obsolete as the model of so-called democracy. The system definitively died a natural death on January 6th, 2021 when both parties conscientously united to certify unjust votes for a traitor “Joe” who had in fact lost the 2020 presidential election.

    The American citzens of today must now move forward, leaving the parties behind to rot putrefact, and must begin to elect public servants, at any level of government, based on their past and present results.

    They must ask: where does the candidate stand on, or has the candidate stood on, or does the candidate deliver, or has delivered on:

    1) Protecting the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. (Where do they stand on Roe vs. Wade?)
    2) Fidelity to constitution.
    3) Are they controlled by masonic lodges?
    4) Do they live and practice true virtue, faith and zeal in Jesus Christ? Who/what do they worshio?
    5) Conservative and Catholic views on economy, energy, labor, security?
    6) Are they a product of the Deep State or have any nexuses to the swamp?
    7) Have they actually worked and made a living as a private citizen or have they lived from the public treasury like deep state Rhinos, Obamas, Clintons, McConnell’s, Pences, and Grahams of the world?

    And so on..

    The parties used to serve as a platform for candidates, but as we can see, they can be infiltrated by a mob rule and become part of the problem. So, moving forward, besides voting candidates based on results, we need to motivate faithful Christian citizens of America to infiltrate every level of government, law enforcement, military, justice system, and motivate them to run for office. They also need to demand that more Catholic/Christian, patriots run for office locally. All of this is obtainable from now until we do form a Catholic Party. Before then, we need to resurrect the party system which is now dead in America.

    Once we (the faithful christian patriots) get off our arses and infiltrate the satanic structures of evil, sin and corruption which have been built by corrupt, degenerate, people of the deep state, then we can actually bring down those structures and build the True America: under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all -where Jesus Christ is enthroned as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

  2. Not sure how you can categorize Trump as a beta male and make the assumption he surrendered. Considering he was a one man show, I think he performed exceptionally well, better than the monday morning quarterbacks, who have constantly criticized his shortcomings could have ever hoped to. I would really like to hear the names of those who, would have done a better job. Consider Trump’s opposition, he had all of the Washington establishment bureaucratic swamp, the entirety of the democrat party, the majority of the media outlets and most of the republican party, openly allied against him. He was under constant attack while having to fight tooth and nail for every accomplishment. He had no one he could truly trust and depend on outside of his family. I’d like to hear one name. Tell me who would have been able to weather the daily assaults and still dare to even show their face.

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