The real domestic terrorists are the Democrats

While 25,000 troops guarded the Capitol because Nancy Peolosi’s personal computer was stolen, 100s of Democrat Terrorists took over Seattle with no opposition from the U. S. Military. The police actually escort them as they vandalize a business district!

The police are on bicycles! And as you can see, none of them have the habit of riding a bike.

This is the reality of the U.S.A., right now. And the Anti’President by domestic terrorist, does not mean these folks. He means anyone who wears a MAGA hat.

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2 thoughts on “The real domestic terrorists are the Democrats”

  1. No news is good news.

    I am surprised that TX Governor Abbott sent any of his National Guard troops to DC. At any rate, it blatantly obvious that the armchair generals at the Pentagon told Trump they would not follow his orders. Traitors one and all to the greatest military ever created.

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